Ignore what Tony Abbott says, listen to what he accuses others of, that’s the Real Tony

In poker playing it’s called a ‘tell’, a little twitch, a change in behaviour or speech that betray the hand a person is holding. The ‘tell’ could be obvious, or it could be subtle. Opposing players, if they pay attention, can read these ‘tells’.

Conservatives have their own tell. What they accuse others of doing, is their real agenda.

In this clip, US political commentator Rachel Maddow explains how this works, this can easily be applied to the Australian Liberal party under Tony Abbott:

Accusations such as class warfare frequently drip from the mouths of salivating conservatives as they see the ALP give a fair-go the some of the most disadvantaged in our society, a group that the LNP would tax into poverty.*

Tony Abbott ‘It [Wayne Swan’s budget] deliberately, coldly, calculatedly plays the class war card’
The Australian says ‘MUMS working part-time would be among the hardest hit by Tony Abbott’s plan to scrap a superannuation tax cut for 3.6 million people’

When Tony Abbott promises that he will be the best friends workers’ ever had, because Labor will betray them… Do voters actually buy that? Tony Abbott was part of the WorkChoices government. Tony Abbott is skewering he election slogans to a placate a mining billionaire who thinks workers should be happy on less than $2 a day. A Tony Abbott government will bring back WorkChoices, under a different name. *

Tony Abbott ‘The one thing that the Australian workers will find is that I am their best friend’.
Tony Abbott ‘The challenge for members opposite will be: do they back the interests of… workers, or do they back the interests of officials’.
Tony Abbott ‘The phrase WorkChoices is dead. No one will mention it again. But we do need to have a free and flexible economy’.
Gina Rinehart ‘Africans want to work, and its workers are willing to work for less than $2 per day. Such statistics make me worry for this country’s future’

added BY Penny Carter


9 Responses to “Ignore what Tony Abbott says, listen to what he accuses others of, that’s the Real Tony”

  1. Here is another example:

    Amanda Vanstone, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 December 2012
    It’s Gillard who’s slinging mud in this ‘parliament of filth


    • That is a great example (not the accusation, but the example of the technique).

      Vanstone has been vocal in her accusations against the ALP government of “class warfare”. Lucky Australia, we get the benefit of her anti-ALP agenda in our Fairfax and on our ABC.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  2. It is a tactic that seems to be working well for the miserable lying toad that Tony Abbott is, and the pathetic wretches that form his shadow. You have shown it’s a world wide ploy, probably learnt from Arch Mega Murdoch, the workers of this world should feel uncomfortable. Both sides of the world have experienced far right governments before and at their peril.

    • And Tony Abbott with his recent “booby trap” comments is setting us up to not only break his every stupid expensive promise, except those that transfer money and assets from the working poor and those on fixed incomes to his mega rich mates, he is setting the country up for a fire sale of assets: transport, communications, national parks, everything will be sold, and privatised, except the military. This will be done in the guise of paying of the ‘debt’ that occurred under the ALP, a debt that is so insignificant compared to what the Fraser and Howard governments have left us with. The liberals will say they have to do this to ‘fix’ the economy, and people will have their false believe that Liberals are better economic managers reinforced.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  3. it so transparent if you apply the ‘think the opposite rule’- sadly so many people don’t seem to be thinking but sleepwalking!

    • Sleepwalking seems to be accurate. Once you listen to what Tony Abbott says through the, as you say, ‘think the opposite’ filter, you can see it so clearly. It strips away the spin and slogans.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left


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