24 Tony Abbott quotes – 1. Evolution or Creationism

When discussion evolution or creationism (now rebranded ‘intelligent design’) in 2008, Tony Abbott said that evolution was more plausible than the Eve-and-Adam explanation of the bible.

I don’t say that evolution is a complete and entirely satisfactory scientific explanation of the origin of man. Still, I think it’s more plausible than treating the Adam and Eve story as literal truth (if that’s what creationists say)
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This quote achieves four things for Tony Abbott
1. He walks the fence. It is a well-known tactic of Abbott’s and the Liberal party, to take both sides of an issue, then when questioned later, he can claim either position as his true position. If you can’t pin Wishy-Washy Abbott down on specifics, he can’t be held to account.

2. Panders to the evangelical christians, (some of who believe fossilised dinosaur bones that are millions of years old were a built-in feature when God created the world) while not quite alienating everyone else.

3. Raises questions about science. If science doesn’t know 100% the facts on something like evolution, how can they know about other things, such as climate science or whether smoking causes cancer. It’s “plausible” yes, it’s plausible no.

4. Opens up the educated to being distrusted. The war against the educated is a classic tactic of the Right against the Left. A celebration of dumbed-down people who can no longer think for themselves and have outsourced their thinking to Rupert Murdoch and his LNP minions.

Miranda Devine in Murdoch’s News Limited provides the perfect example:

A new ruling class of university-educated “progressives”, “sophisticates”, “elites” and “latte-sippers” have emerged as an un-Australian clique trying to lord it over everyone else. Controlling media, law, education and the political class, they threaten Australia’s great egalitarian democratic project
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post added by Penny Carter
image of Eve and Adam, by Lucas Cranach the Elder – ‘Adam und Eva im Paradies’ (Sündenfall) which has been digitally altered


4 Comments to “24 Tony Abbott quotes – 1. Evolution or Creationism”

  1. Tony knows so much about science he claims Carbon dioxide is a weightless gas and therefore no one can measure how much is being poured into the atmosphere.
    In the interests of furthering scientific understanding, will someone please throw a chunk of dry ice at his head
    The experiment could be called “Weightless compound meets intellectual vacuum”

    • Let’s bust that myth by doing the experiment. Good idea.
      Not sure I would like to be buried beneath a tonne of weightless Carbon DiOxide. The man is an idiot, or he hopes the voters are.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  2. Abbott really has elevated weasel words to an art form.

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