24 Tony Abbott quotes – 2. Bad bosses are like bad husbands and fathers

TONY ABBOTT: If we’re honest, most of us would accept that a bad boss is a little bit like a bad father or a bad husband. Not withstanding all his or her faults, you find that he tends to do more good than harm. He might be a bad boss but at least he’s employing someone while he is in fact a boss.
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No, no, no.

This comment from 2002 attracted criticism at the time:
Former Western Australia Premier, Carmen Lawrence said “Well that’s not very good advice to someone if they’re in a bad relationship, for instance where there’s violence involved or abuse involved and Abbott never knows where to draw the line.”

Greg Combet, now an ALP minister, then speaking in his role with ACTU sais “Tony Abbott is supposed to even handedly look after the interests of employers and employees but now he’s saying no matter what an employer does, they’re to be forgiven and it’s okay.”

What does this quote reveal about Tony Abbott’s thinking:

1. Tony Abbott has starts his statement having trouble comprehending that women can be bosses, he compares bosses to fathers and husbands, but not mothers and wives. Only later in the quote does he say “his or her faults”.

In those three sentences, Tony Abbott uses the masculine 7 times (father, husband, his, he, He, he’s, he), always in relation to his role in power, and the feminine 1 time (her) in relation to faults.

2. Tony Abbott compares employees to children and bosses to adults. Employees are NOT children, and should not be treated as if they were children.

3. Tony Abbott compares wives to employees of male bosses, and what? if She doesn’t do as she is told He will fire her?. The relationship between a boss and an employee is an unequal power structure, this is not most people’s idea of marriage. Many people see their marriage as a partnership, not one of male=boss and female=employee.

4. What is a ‘bad’ father or husband? Someone who doesn’t take out the bins on recycling night or let their kids stay out all night? Or is this comment diminishing domestic violence and workplace abuse?

This attitude gives carte blanche for bosses to mistreat employees, if someone is under paid, or in a dangerous workplace, or abuse or mistreated, at least they are employed, regardless of pay and conditions.

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8 Comments to “24 Tony Abbott quotes – 2. Bad bosses are like bad husbands and fathers”

  1. Just a minor clarification. Abbott did not buy his education in the manner that today’s have to do through HECS, Abbott’s degree was paid for by the Australian taxpayer in the time when there were no Uni fees (courtesy of the Whitlam Government) His postgraduate study was also paid for through the Rhodes Scholarship program (courtesy of the British taxpayer)

    • Thank you.
      Abbott is a long-term parasite, working Australians have been paying his bills most of his life. Yep, the best friend workers will ever have.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  2. Very true. When you see the inanities spouted constantly by some of the LNP barrackers it is obvious. They have an inverse snobbery decrying education & knowledge all promoted by John Howard. He wanted an ignorant electorate & unfortunately, he seems to have attained that, abetted by Abbott, the MSM & disgusting shock jocks, despite Labor’s efforts to try & make the country smarter. The truly educated & aware Lib voters must be appalled by this.

    • Although it does seem to be educated Left-wing people they have problems with. Massively educated Right wing people are somehow not elites. It’s bizarre, and it’s more bizarre that the voters are buying it.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

      • There are those who aspire to nothing & wear their lack of education as a badge of honour yet these idiots vote LNP!! The strange thing is that the shadow front bench, apart from Warren Truss, seem to have all been university-educated but none have a clue about anything. Thick as planks the lot of them without an ounce of any talent whatsoever.

        As far as they are concerned only their elite are allowed to be educated. If intelligent, well educated people vote Labor & have progressive & principled views they are denigrated as “elitist”. What rot!!

      • Perhaps the Liberals fear educated people – who can think independently and can see through their slogans and spin. Especially people from working class backgrounds, who don’t know their place.
        Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  3. Tony Abbott is truly appalling. For a man who has received the so-called best education money can buy, he is woefully ignorant. Sure learnt nothing during his time at the University of Sydney or at Oxford, except, perhaps, how to knock someone’s head off on the rugby field & boxing ring. Worse, he shows no interest in learning anything, even now. A dangerous man to have as our PM.

    • Perhaps that is because Tony Abbott bought his education, and never HAD to learn anything.

      IF Tony Abbott ever becomes PM, the Left may be subject to harsher treatment as part of the culture wars, but will ultimately fair better, learning, questioning, thinking, asking, we will always know there are alternatives. The dumbed-down, scornful of the “educated elites” Rights will just accept what they are told.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

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