24 Tony Abbott quotes – 3. Chairthing


At university when Tony Abbott lost presidency of student council to Barbara Ramjan, Tony Abbott was less than happy. As David Patch wrote in Fairfax:

As president, Ramjan chaired SRC meetings. She did not want to be called “Mr Chairman” but preferred “chairperson”. For an entire year, Abbott called Ramjan “chairthing” whenever he addressed her at SRC meetings.
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For Tony Abbott’s edification: Chair ≠ woman.

A chair can be purchased, a chair can be owned, a chair does not think for itself.

This is a chair. Currently for sale at http://www.domayneonline.com.au. This is still not a woman.

Tony Abbott would rather compare a woman to a piece of furniture than give her the respect she deserves.

This is Tony Abbott’s attitude to a woman who had something he wanted, a woman who had a position of power over him. Tony Abbott did not like it.

Calling someone “chairthing” once or twice, you might get away with saying you were joking (not a funny joke, but you might get away with it), but not for a year. That was no accident. That was a deliberate and sustained humiliation of a woman.

Tony Abbott dismissed what he did, for a year, as “It was silly, childish, embarrassing“. Childish? Who is Tony Abbott trying to kid. Children would not talk to each other like that, and if they did, they wouldn’t do it for a year.

Tony Abbott was no child, this event happened in 1977, Tony Abbott was born in 1957. Tony Abbott was an adult, who was, and is, incapable of accepting any responsibility for his actions. He blames the child he was.

chair imaged used without permission
Fox’s Bart Simpson image used without permission, use does not imply that Murdoch’s Fox would endorse the contents of this blog or post
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