24 Tony Abbott quotes – 6. a priest accused of assualt of a child was “a beacon of humanity”

Tony Abbott says Fr Nestor a priest struck off by the Vatican was “He was … a beacon of humanity at seminary,” as he vouched for the priests character before a court.

Father John Gerard Nestor, a priest from the Wollongong area in NSW was charged with the indecent assault. Tony Abbott gave a glowing character reference.

“Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, then a federal parliamentary secretary to the employment minister, told the court Mr Nestor was an upright and virtuous man whom he had known since 1984 while studying at Sydney’s St Patrick’s Seminary to become a priest.” SMH

“An extremely upright and virtuous man. I guess one of the things that I like very much about John when I first met him was his maturity – intellectual, social, emotional. And he was, to that extent I guess, a beacon of humanity at the seminary” Tony Abbott said. The Australian

In court, the priest admitted he had – while dressed in boxer shorts and a singlet – slept on mattresses on a floor in the presbytery with the boy and his younger brother some time between June and September 1991. news.com.au

That raises questions about Tony Abbott’s judgement. An accusation he is so quick to fire at others, especially if they are ALP.

post added by Penny Carter
As this involves legal matters involving children, this post has relied extensively on the quotes of MSM


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