24 Tony Abbott quotes – 7. a dead soldier? ‘Shit happens’

Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney was shot dead in a battle with Taliban in Afghanistan. A war the Liberal party sent Australian military personnel into. Upon hearing of the death of MacKinney, Tony Abbott said “shit happens”.

What does this tell us about Tony Abbott’s character?

The man has little to no empathy for others.

He was part of a government that sent Australian soldiers into war, and the death of this is Australian is treated as Shit Happening.

The value of life will always be cheaper under a Coalition government.

This is a callous, cold, heartless, unsympathetic, unfeeling, disregard for the supreme sacrifice of others.

Tony Abbott could not care less.

Tony Abbott then blamed the media responsible for airing the footage of Tony Abbott saying ‘Shit happens’ about the dead soldier.

“Mr Abbott then went on to accuse the network of “trying to turn this into a subsequent media circus”. (abc.net.au). This is because Tony Abbott is never responsible for any of the sh!t that comes out of his own mouth.

Yes, Tony, this is all about what someone is doing TO you, not about the insensitive way you disregarded the death of an Australian soldier.

post added by Penny Carter


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