Actually who gives a… second thought. This blog is shutting down changing management again. – PC

Email from one of Turn Left fans

Hi Penny. Firstly let me say I’m happy to see ‘Turn Left’ back in the blogosphere as it was one of the first sites I read regularly when I began posting.
Penny, I admire your passion and your dedication. If I may be so bold to offer a few suggestions and I am at pains to point out that these are suggestions and NOT criticisms.
Firstly, play the issue not the man. Don’t vilify Abbott or launch personal attacks on him. Rather concentrate on the issue (what ever it may be) and the LNP policies surrounding it. By focusing on the issue you gain more credibility as a political analyst rather than a ranter who simply wants to spray vitriol and preach to the converted. A good example of this is the rants of that semi-literate self opinionated nematode who writes ‘The Red and The Blue’. Yale Stephens simply writes for his drooling mates who agree with every word he says (a bit like the numbskulls who listen to Jones, Hadley ad nauseaum ).
Secondly, do your research before you strike the first key. Unsubstantiated statements or half truths are easily rebutted and lose credibility with your audience (see my comments on Abbott’s education in your recent post).
Thirdly and finally, don’t hand wring – ‘Oh the inhumanity!’ Rather begin your discourse with something like ‘The inhumane treatment of asylum seekers/women/workers is indicative of the LNP’s policies etc… The world has always been cruel and uncaring in many respects and will continue so long after you and I have passed from it. Try to frame your arguments as a disinterested seeker of the truth (the representation of Justice as being blind with the scales in one hand and a sword in the other is a good example of this)
As I say, these are merely suggestions and not criticisms. I enjoy your writing and your passion for social issues -keep blogging, we need more sites like ‘Turn Left’ if we are to triumph over the lies of the current version of what passes for Conservatism but which in reality is simply a modern version of Fascism.
Yours most respectfully,
Edward Eastwood M.A. B.A. (hons) Grad. Dip. Ed and editor, writer and chief cook and bottle washer at The Mugwump Post.


5 Comments to “Actually who gives a… second thought. This blog is shutting down changing management again. – PC”

  1. Sad this valuable blog may be shutting down again. A comment I made a while back seemed to be a catalyst for the last implosion. Was planning on distributing some of your insights / info at my next meeting. Tell me to piss off if you like, and I promise I won’t be back.

  2. Can’t agree. I understand where EE is coming from and that his heart is in the right place – but this is YOUR blog, Penny (may I call you Penny?) and you really don’t have to be objective at all. This is your forum to say exactly what you think and venting at Abbott is cathartic and should be encouraged. Abbott is the one who dragged Australian politics into the mud – he’s played the personal card all along – and, judging by the polls, the majority of the Australian population has both fallen for it and are lapping it up. I just hope they don’t come crying to me when they realise the terrible mistake they’ll make in September.

    So… you’re not writing for some mainstream news organisation that wants to appear unbiased but not at the expense of remaining profitable. The essential problem for-profit news has is that the truth can sometimes get in the way of the profit – and profit usually wins. A blog is a web log – a recording of a person’s thoughts and feelings – it can be spontaneous, biased, crude – whatever.

    One thing EE said was 100% right. We ARE seeing the rise of a modern version of fascism – except the “state” is now a puppet run on behalf of the 0.1%. Witness how large banks are now essentially immune from the law having effectively lobbied and paid to have have it rendered ineffective and impotent. They are now able to rort the system with impudence knowing no-one can stop them.

    I regularly rant at Abbott. I regularly rant at Gillard who seems an idiot savant – so capable and yet so stupid in not reading the populace properly. I marvel at Swan who seems to cause a lot of JG’s problems (and KR’s before that) while escaping any consequence. But most of all, I rant at a world where ethics and morality are perceived to be only for the weak – a culture that now knows, as Oscar would way, the price of everything and the value of nothing. It is this world that so needs your leavening experience and opinions. I think the very value of a blog is the ability to be personal – thgat’s exactly what it is. If we don’t agree – we can go somewhere else – or create our own.

    Keep it up Penny – more power to your elbow

  3. I wrote this as a personal e-mail and not as a post to be put in the public domain for obvious reasons! If I wanted to make my observations public then I would have written them in the comments box at the bottom of the page. If you want to blog you should be prepared for positive and negative comments. Sorry to hear that you’ve decided to shut down but if you cant stand the heat – get out of the kitchen!

    • Why do you care what I blog about? Do / did you want my blog to be a clone of yours? Were your comments designed to make me a better person – or do you think they make You a better person?
      And I thought your comments were so constructive, why hide it, let everyone have the benefit of your criticism, everyone can learn the “right” way and the “wrong” way to blog.

      As for this comment, “get out of the kitchen”, is that because you know I’m female (or possibly a male called Penny) – wow, offensive and sexist too.

      I don’t “have” to be anything I don’t want to be. This is not public space, this is wordpress space, you don’t have an automatic right to free speech, you don’t have the right to be offensive. You don’t have the right to force me to put up with your offensive comments.

      You have such a long list of criticism about the blog, makes me wonder why you persisted coming back, you clearly didn’t like what I had to say, or the way I said it. But to keep coming back, post after post, makes me wonder whether you are a troll, in the traditional sense, as in comments designed to get a reaction. Perhaps walking away was the reaction you wanted.

      I was running this blog – temporarily – as a favour, I can do what the previous editor did, and walk away, or I can hit spam and block on your comment. No, I will keep your comment up, just in case anyone sees who you are really like, just in case you decide to come calling on their blog.

      Right wing, left wing, no wing, both wings, doesn’t matter, a troll is a troll. And once I figured out we are not fellow travellers, but you are troll, I realised I did just what you wanted when I quit.

      I might come back, maybe, but you won’t be. Find someone else to harass. Good bye.
      Penny Carter (@redglitterx) for Turn Left

  4. If only the “issue” and not the man were being elected to government.

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