ABC struggles to know which party is in Government (hint: it is not Tony Abbott’s side)

What does bias against the government at the ABC look like?

Culture warriors (for example, Gerard Henderson, Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman) on the Right continue to rail against the Left-wing bias in the ABC. They regard anything that isn’t 100% critical of the ALP government as being Left.

The Left are also railing against ABC bias, only they do it from Facebook and Twitter accounts, and not national newspaper columns.

The following screenshot is just one example of how bias gets in. Subtle and insidious.


Christopher Pyne is part of Tony Abbott’s Opposition, whereas, David Bradbury is Assistant Treasurer.

You might see this, and think “so what?”. This is one example. If this was to happen with every news item, every blog post (and both sides have opinions on that), it would work to undermine the authority of the current democratically elected government, by giving seniority to the Opposition. This is from a news network, where people commonly say “they begin every news bulletin with ‘Tony Abbott says'”. Subtle and insidious.

It doesn’t matter that someone can argue the fact “oh, we all know Bradbury is in the Government”, what matters is how you feel. The more subtle it is, the easier it accusations of bias are to dismiss as “unhappy viewers”. Subtle and insidious. This kind of subtle bias may make a viewer feel that Pyne is the most important one in that interview, and view what he says from a position of power, rather than opposing. Come election day, how you feel about a politician, gut instinct, can have as much influence as what you know to be fact.

by Janet Sharp with -99- for Turn Left


18 Comments to “ABC struggles to know which party is in Government (hint: it is not Tony Abbott’s side)”

  1. Also its about word choice and emphasis- the government is ‘trying to do… whatever’ or a bill has been ‘rammed through’ instead of the neutral ‘passed’
    And yes the lack of respect for the Pm or calling her the PM happen way too often to be a mistake or oversight.

    • Tony Abbott says, the ALP defends allegations
      Tony Abbott says, the ALP forced to defend
      Tony Abbott says, Gillard launches attack
      as you point out – words matter
      -99- for Turn Left

  2. I saw that interview. I commented on the camera angles at the time. Bradbury was often side on and Pine (bless his gay socks) was full frontal. Angles offer perspective and it wasn’t kind to Bradbury. Neither was the debate.

  3. If you want to listen to a political broadcast have a listen to Amanda Vanstone on RN – Counterpoint. She’s really dumb. Seriously. A blind deer. I thought she really might have something to offer – but its only humour.

    • Look how fast Vanstone reframed people on super payments of $100,000 (which means they have over $2M in a superfund) as battlers, and the government was attacking workers on incomes of $100,000. And Vanstone is considered a moderate in the Liberal Party
      -99- for Turn Left

  4. So… after all this has died down a bit… Just exactly HOW many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

  5. Last week, the ABCNews24 ticker referred to the PM as “Gillard”. Neither prefix nor title.

  6. I saw Emma Alberici way out of her depth as an interviewer. Christopher Pyne behaving like he does every day in question time (he must hold the record for being chucked out).
    No doubt ABC management sees this sort of performance as “hard hitting”
    I don’t expect change anytime soon at least until the ABC is pruned (or leased to Murdoch) under an Abbott government.

    • If ABC management and news staff are trying to appease Rupert / Tony, maybe they should study history. Chamberlain (the UK PM) tried to appease Germany before WW2, that wasn’t successful. True Alberici was out of her depth, but I doubt much could muzzle Pyne when he starts getting outraged.
      -99- for Turn Left

  7. Very true & straight from the masterworks of propagandists. The National Press Club did the same when announcing that Tony Abbott & the PM Julia Gillard were to speak. They mentioned Tony Abbott’s appearance first, even though this was going to happen after the PM’s, & with much more deference than they showed to the PM. It was a disgrace. It is as if the members of government are considered second class with the Opposition top dogs which is where the complicit MSM places them. The ABC is no different.

    • If I recall (probably wrongly) they announced Tony as honourable, but gave no title to PM Gillard, its subtle, but all works to undermine her authority. We no longer treat our politicians with respect, especially on the Left.
      -99- for Turn Left

      • You are correct that is exactly what they did (I had forgotten the precise details). It was a disgrace. Abbott was given “full honours” (the least deserving IMO) & the PM was mentioned almost as an afterthought, without due honorifics . It was quite blatant on the part of the NPC & attracted quite a few protests but the idiots didn’t give a stuff.

      • Is it because ALP is in Government? Is it because there is a female PM? Labor have been in government long enough now so they no longer get confused and think its still the Coalition.
        -99- for Turn Left

      • Do believe your first two queries hit the nail right on the head. They still think that the Gillard government is an illegitimate government because Abbott & his ilk keep telling all & sundry that. Plus you can’t have a FEMALE as The Boss!! . It is the typical schoolyard bullyboy tactics “We wuz robbed!!” They make me sick.

  8. it is far too frequent not to be deliberate.

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