Tony Abbott announces the Oprah Winfrey of budget replies: You can have free money and You and You

The Day After:

What we witnessed from Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott was the Oprah Winfrey of campaign launches. You can have free money, and you, and you, and you…

Unfortunately Tony was pointing to the Gallery, where his family were watching from, and Gina Rinehart, who was also watching.

Tony’s speech (full speech can be found here) was designed to satisfy only 3 people: Gina Rinehart, Rupert Murdoch, Tony Abbott.

[Correction: Thursday night was a budget reply, not a campaign launch]

The feedback to the Budget Reply was a little like an episode of Orpah – a buffet of everything.

Tony’s plans to scrap the carbon “tax” to save families up to $300 a year in exchange low-income Australians will lose the low-income super contribution as well as the supplementary bonus paid to people on benefits. Makes sense? Perhaps to a Coalition voter. Although, as NSW Senator Doug Cameron points out, the Liberals are far from economic geniuses.

Gina spend the morning comparing herself to an ATM. Forgetting that the natural resources belong to all Australians and she is treating our environment like a ATM.

Rupert wasn’t happy and had some advice for his Chosen One. This is what we have come to expect in modern elections, most benefit suffer, from the intervention of foreign billions who dominate almost the entire media industry.

It was a budget reply that pleased the on-air presenters on the ABC’s Breakfast Show, so much so, they were happy to show wear the colours of Team Tony. As any athlete knows, if you want to join the team, you wear the uniform.

Tony Abbott’s use of “You” throughout the budget (eg. “It is not about us. It is about you”), is not the accepted way of speaking on the floor of the House Of Representatives, where “You” is discouraged.

Oh and Tony, when I cast my ballot, and I put the Liberal National candidate last, behind Bob Katter’s Australia Party, behind Family First, behind Keep Australia White Party… it’s not me, its You.

Post BY Diane Murphy and Janet Sharp for Turn Left

7 Responses to “Tony Abbott announces the Oprah Winfrey of budget replies: You can have free money and You and You”

  1. Better than expected opinion poll results for Labor and the PM her preferred Pm margin is up- mentioned briefly on Tv news and dropped- if its bad for Labor they stay up for a couple of days.

  2. I am not surprised but more just pissed off (again) at the silence in the MSM in reference to Abbott’s budget reply. And the tacit acceptance by them that Hockey is even a small patch on Swan is scary. If these two ever get their hands on the Australian economy god help us all!

  3. True blue, eh? Glad you noticed too. I left a couple of comments regarding the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming at another site. The coordinated wardrobe adds to the effect. I hope that people start to see the turd polishing for what it is – turd polishing.

  4. If the ABC want to be seen to be impartial- they should choose the clothing colours for on air presenters- which do not reflect any preference to either major party. But of course they will continue with their usual subtle prompts – both aural and visual- subliminal hints! Cheer up though ,viewing figures confirm ABC audience share is marginal – for ABC2 and miniscule for ABC24.


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