Murdocracy: This is why you will never hear the truth from Australian media

The Australian Independent Media Network


Murdocracy – a form of government in which citizens are ruled according to the desires of Rupert Murdoch. Related to “demockery”.

Anyone in Australia who consumes media from more than one source, especially if that second opinion is not mainstream media, will know there is something very wrong with what we are being told is The News.

The News is not objective or neutral, it is not facts just waiting to be interpreted by readers or viewers, it is not unfiltered. It is very, very biased, unbalanced, selectively reported, spun into orbit, character assassinations, and opinions of the rich and powerful masquerading as The News.

We are getting ads, we are getting propaganda, we are getting opinions, and those opinions are from a very narrow demographic, we are not being told the Truth.

Australia has one of the most concentrated media ownerships in the world, and the largest owner…

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