Dumbing Down Of Australia – Murdocracy, Failed Coups, Strippers, and Educating The Wrong Kids and Housewives

Murdocracy and Murdoctatorship, strippers and porn stars as role models, religion in our under-funded public schools, and the Ashby conspiracy to bring down the Government. These are all symptoms of a dumbed down country that glorifies ignorance over education.

It is easier to tell a dumbed down population what to think, than it is to convince a thinking person what they know to be true is wrong.

Dumbed down people believe what they are told, because they have lost all abilities to reason, use logic, think and research for themselves.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela

If Mandela is correct, a dumbed down population is unarmed. Why is there this Right Wing fear of the educated, the thinkers, of truth and logic?

What does a dumbed down country look like? Australia, you are standing in it.

We demonise as “elite” anyone with an education, and celebrate to the point of deification stupidity, and then beg multi-degreed politicians to defund our public schools.

Spelling is not so important, people say, as long as the kids can communicate.

Reading is not so important, people say, as long as the kids can communicate.

Thinking is not so important, people say, as long as the kids are consuming.

The most revered in our culture are not playwrights and scientists and teachers and nurses, but bookies, gangsters, the professional crash-test dummies of football, and Las Vegas dancers who marry former bankrupt businessmen.

Try this test at home:
Name a living Australian playwright?
Name a living Australian bookie?

Media and Murdocracy

If the printing press was one of the greatest technological advances in human history, then universal literacy is one of the great social leaps forward.

Dumbing down people, keeping them underexposed to facts and truth, paywalls that are tolls-ways to information, copyright laws that criminalise distribution of information, and the persecution of whistleblowers is a great leap backwards into the Dark Ages of Ignorance and Superstition.

We have an Opposition leader who has elevated thuggery and violence above diplomacy and compassion… and will govern the same way if given a chance, a man who acts like he believes: if you punch enough walls you will eventually get your own way.

We have a media that repeats the Opposition Leader’s three-word slogans as if they are reporting news, when they are merely reprinting press releases.

Our newspapers no longer give us news. As if they ever did. Newspapers are an advertising delivery system. Newspapers are a business, whose owners are prepared to take a financial loss in order to shape public opinion.

News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is advertising. The power is to set the agenda. What we print and what we don’t print matter a lot.” – Katharine Graham, of The Washington Post (a quote attributed to, authenticity debated)

In 1972 journalists uncovered the Watergate break-in, a scandal that brought down US American president Richard Nixon. In 2012, Australian journalists covered up (or ignored to the point it may as well have been a cover up) the Ashby conspiracy, found by Justice Rares as an attempt to bring down the government by changing the make up of the House of Representatives.

James Ashby, in conspiracy with Mal Brough, wannabe MP for Fisher, failed coup against the democratically elected government of Australia. The media falls silent. We get a more thorough investigation in the Prime Minister’s glasses than an attempt to overthrow our government.

Our news has been replaced by trivia (bread and circuses), celebrity gossip (PR), product placements (ads), and Liberal party talking points (election campaigning).

Alfred C. Harmsworth, in a quote attributed to him, said: It is part of the business of a newspaper to get news and to print it; it is part of the business of a politician to prevent certain news being printed. For this reason the politician often takes a newspaper into his confidence for the mere purpose of preventing the publication of the news he deems objectionable to his interests.” All the rest is advertising and public relations.


We have now moved beyond Murdocracy (rule by Murdoch) and have entered Murdoctatorship.

Opinion pieces replace facts and research and investigative journalism, they are faster to produce in an 24/7 news cycle. They are cheaper and media organisations don’t need people on the ground, they can be sitting at their laptops, in their pyjamas watching daytime television and eating leftover Chinese takeaway, and pump out a cut-and-paste anti-government diatribe. The editors are happy, they can fill their column inches.

We have a media happy to repeat Tony Abbott and his Coalitions and his three-word slogans and talking points as if its news. “Stop The Boats” is an immigration policies, “axe the tax” is an environmental policy, “Gonski is goneski” is an education policy, “ditch the witch” is their women’s policy.

Some days we don’t even get the benefit of opinion pieces, some days we get press releases printed in their entirety, unspun and un-fact-checked.

We have a media culture in this country which brags about their new / soon fact checking units. Channel 7 partnered with Politifact, ABC is going in-house. How bad is our news media that they are bragging they have fact checking units. Are news consumers so switched off about what is served to them in the name of news that media makes a virtue of fact checking? Most people would hope that facts being checked is the minimum requirement, not an optional extra.

Meanwhile media organisations use false balance as a political weapon (from anti-vaccine activists, wind farm conspiracy theorists and climate change deniers). However, truth doesn’t need balance.


The media have performed a Murdoch lobotomy on many in this nation. They have been lulled into stupefaction, gorging on a feast of boat-people hate, anti-PM Gillard sexism, hyper-consumption, and sports and gambling.

We in this nation have outsourced our thinking to a cabal of Rupert Murdoch, Gina ‘$2 a day’ Rinehart, Cardinal Pell, the Australian Tea Party trying hard to copy the US Tea Party, and Tony Abbott. It is all okay though, if we let mining magnates, paedophile apologists and media billionaires tell us what to think, they have our best interests at heart, Tony Abbott is the best friend workers ever had, I know this because I read it in the Daily Telegraph and heard it on the Alan Jones radio show.

The talking heads are on their way to becoming completely disconnected to everyday Australians, journalists talk to other journalists about what another journalist said. It’s a great big circle jerk, and the viewers and readers are turning away.

We were lied into an Iraq war this way. The Bush White House leaked stories to a compliant Murdoch media, who then printed pro-war stories, this was then taken up as evidence by White House officials to prosecute the case for war.

‘Rupert Murdoch argued strongly for a war with Iraq’, the Guardian, and so did 175 of his newspaper editors. Oh the irony, of the US military hanging Saddam Hussein as a dictator, on the word of Rupert Murdoch’s vast octopus of a media empire.

We don’t get an examination of policy from the media in this country, as the Canberra Press Gallery, says we wouldn’t understand “the context”. We get Tony Abbott’s three-word slogans instead, not even complete sentences, followed by an intense dissection of the Prime Minister’s hair, boyfriends, glasses, shoes, jackets, ears

Strippers as role models

Tony Abbott standing in front of a ‘Ditch the witch’ sign on two separate occasions, the Prime Minister’s body parts on a Liberal Party fundraiser dinner menu, Liberal party members and senior members have talked about slitting the PMs throat (Ciobo), kicking her death (Morris), putting the PM in a chaff bag and dumping her in the ocean (Jones), using baseball bats on the PM (Abbott), the PM is a stinking corpse (Bolt).

This is how Right wing men treat women in this country. Even the Prime Minister. Puts lie to a question mark over Tony Abbott’s claim that he respects women.

We are living in an age where women are treated with little respect from the media or our elected representatives.

Our media may be obsessed with celebrities, but in days gone by celebrities had something going for them other than how they look in a bikini or boardshorts. The 1940s Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr (pictured) patented the frequency-hopping spread-spectrum invention (used in bluetooth, wi-fi and mobile phone technology), Geena Davis (‘Thelma and Louise’) is a member of Mensa (top 2% based on IQ), Angelina Jolie is some kind of Humanitarian.

Nowadays, our celebrities are no longer even the models (who can at least read cue cards) who star in movies, they are fame-hungry women with carefully choreographed sex tapes.

Little girls no longer dream of being flight attendants and firefighters and teachers when they grow up, they want to be WAGs (wives and girls of athletes) and pole dancers. Girls have porn stars as their role models – creating an inauthentic image where they are the commodified object based on imitating someone simulating sexual pleasure.
(I am not against porn stars, I just think girls growing up should have more than just porn stars, strippers, and sex tape celebrities as their role models)

For those girls who don’t grow up admiring Playboy models and strippers, they can have Rihanna as a role model. A singer who is more famous these days for going back to the boyfriend who almost killed her than any song she ever recorded. Violence against women is normalised, in our celebrities, and in our media directed at our Prime Minister, and subjecting yourself to more violence from your abuser is lauded by our media, as in the case of Rihanna.

Stand by your man, because he is the man, you are just the female.

A national newspaper named a horse as its female athlete of the year, and Rebel Sport hired the wife of a cricket player as their brand ambassador, “it’s about time we had a female ambassador associated with sport“, apparently every actual female athlete in the country was busy, and Black Caviar would just look stupid in Rebel’s shoes.

In our current dumbed down values system, the message for girls is how you look and who you date determine your worth as a human being. She is just the accessory, He is what matters.

As the singer P!nk asked in ‘Stupid Girls’
What happened to the dreams of a girl president?
She’s dancing in the video next to 50 Cent

Educating only the ‘Right Kind’ of kids

Dumb them down from a young age, and you have a Liberal Party voter for life. Someone who confuses a three word slogan for a policy, will swallow what the media tells them.

Tony Abbott has said:

The other point I want to make is that it’s all very well keeping kids at school past year 10 but they’ve got to be the right kids being kept at school past year 10… And I guess I’d want to carefully study this and make sure that the right kids are getting the money and that we really were keeping the right kids at school because if you’ve got the wrong kids at school it can end up like a glorified occupational therapy basically.
Source: Keep kids in school, just the right ones – Abbott

Where are these “wrong” kids going to go, Tony? TAFEs in Liberal National states across the nation are being shut down, privatised and priced beyond the range of most 16-year-olds

To Tony Abbott education is a matter of funding (rather than knowledge), of the right kids, oh, and the right gender…

Tony Abbott’s great big solution to university funding is to stop educating women (maybe just educate the “women of calibre”), a policy that the Taliban would be proud of, in his younger years offered a policy of cutting university funding, especially of the arts, and reduce the numbers of students:
While I think men and women are equal, they are also different and I think it’s inevitable and I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all that we always have, say, more women doing things like physiotherapy and an enormous number of women simply doing housework Source: here.

Public schools are being under funded, training providers privatised, private schools being over funded, and for-profit non-government schools have their hands out for increased government funding.

“Students who acquire large amounts of debt putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. When you trap people in a system of debt, they can’t afford the time to think. Tuition fees increases are a disciplinary technique and by the time students graduate they are not only loaded with debt but have also internalised the disciplinary culture. This makes them efficient components of the consumer economy”.
attributed to Noam Chomsky

Parents working three jobs to send their kids to private schools, won’t have time to worry about the kids who go to public schools. Debt controls university students, it also controls parents. Of course, if you are of high income, and aren’t working three jobs just to pay school fees, it is probably a good arrangement.

Religion takes centre stage in our parliament, whereas twenty years ago, it was not something our politicians would brag about. Faith puts how you feel about something above provable facts, it narrows down your beliefs and education to a book that is over two-thousand years old. A book that advocates slaughtering witches and non-virgin women and thinks slavery is a good think. The faithful are taught to not ask questions. This is the way that Tony Abbott and his right-hand man Cardinal Pell would like voters to approach politics.

Tony Abbott thinks the bible should be compulsory in public schools

I think everyone should have some familiarity with the great texts that are at the core of our civilisation… That includes, most importantly, the Bible. I think it would be impossible to have a good general education without at least some serious familiarity with the Bible and with the teachings of Christianity. That doesn’t mean that people have to be believers.
Source: All kids must read the Bible, federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says

(I am not against religion, just the Cardinal Pell style of religion, which is a long way from Jesus)

Our public schools have to fight to get ethics instead of religion for the students who don’t want religious classes, meanwhile the taxpayers are paying for chaplains in public schools, whose qualifications require they be chaplains, yet, they are no supposed to do any chaplaining.

Makes sense, to someone, maybe. Not me, I went to school under a Liberal government.


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