My response the Tories campaign to silence women, especially on the Left, because of gender

I am -99-. I write for Turn Left.

I will not be silenced.

While you shame, gag, silence, ignore, criticise the appearance of, demonise, mock, challenge the right or appropriateness to speak, cat call, slander, make invisible, blank, remove, and erase women I will speak out.

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” – Martin Luther King (4 April 1967)

Standing by in silence while conservatives make invisible the women in Australia, that is a betrayal of half this nation.


4 Comments to “My response the Tories campaign to silence women, especially on the Left, because of gender”

  1. You only have to look at how this past week has panned out. Our PM Julia Gillard has withstood the most vile sexist crap that could be thrown at her & the despicable MSM have either ignored it all or turned everything around so it has become HER fault. Some rusted on LNP supporters have even insinuated that that repulsive menu was an ALP plot & the revolting Sattler did nothing wrong . Give me strength!!

    Then after all this, what do we get is breathless Leadership spill talk. The PM was going to be tapped on the shoulder ASAP blah blah blah. Kevin Rudd told them until he was blue in the face that he wasn’t going to mount a challenge but instead of investigating real stories such as Tony’s outlandish office expenses or AshbyGate or the complete lack of LNP policies they go on with this crap!!!

  2. Martin Luther King’s quote ‘Silence is Betrayal’ has prompted me to get the courage to write – each and every time I’ve broken my silence and voiced my admiration and approval of our wonderful Prime Minister I have been abused in the most vile terms by LNP supporters here on the Internet. It’s another form of abuse we women are all subjected to each time we stand up and voice our opinion. I know that many of my friends don’t dare publicly show their support for Ms. Gillard for fear of the horrendous abuse they’ll receive – even when we use a nom de plume, it’s nasty, shocking and scary to be the recipient of so much hate – I have no idea how the PM can get up and face each day with such grace and good humour. She and the party she leads have my wholesale support for everything they have done for me, my children and grandchildren, our country and our planet.

  3. Men don’t get how powerful these words are to women- or how often women are slighted, ignored, suppressed, head patted, sexually accosted, demeaned, patronized and told to be ‘good girls’. if you don’t conform in any way to some imagined standard- then they feel free to criticize you- you’re older, opinionated, intelligent, don’t believe religious dogma, you haven’t ( or can’t) reproduce- and if you do then YOU should be totally responsible for anything to do with the children.
    You want a career and the right to make your own choices– bad, bad and deserving of all those threats of violence words.

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