Why I won’t be voting for Julia Gillard at this election

The reason I won’t be voting for the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard at the election in September, is the very same reason that I won’t be voting for Tony Abbott… I don’t live in their electorate.

Under the Westminster system, which we have in Australia, we can only vote for our local candidate.

People who live in Lalor (PM Gillard’s seat) and Warringah (LOTO Abbott’s seat) can vote for J Gillard and T Abbott in their role as their local member, but they can’t vote for either in their to be Prime Minister.

Also, when people say “if we elect Tony Abbott at this election…” they must know that Tony is already elected, that’s why he sits in Parliament, when he is awake.

9 Comments to “Why I won’t be voting for Julia Gillard at this election”

  1. Might I add that I’ve just returned home from making campaign calls for 3 hours on behalf of my local Labor MP! My intent was to make fun of people who have the attitude that I jokingly put forward. I myself was profoundly frustrated by talking to several people who were whining about the fact that they “voted for Kevin Rudd, not Julia” but would have lacked the intellect for me to explain the Westminster system to them. So in summary, we’re all on the same side, apologies for not making my sarcasm blatant enough.

  2. Easy, folks. I’m a fellow traveller! Have a look at my blog! I was being sarcastic and mocking the attitudes of LNP voters. That’s why I mentioned being cynical at the bottom of my post. Apologies for the confusion 🙂

  3. First of all, to ramblingsofapoliticsstudent let me say that “boat people” are not scary. They are vulnerable and may be scared, but they are not scary, they are displaced people either by politics or religion looking for a safe haven.
    Secondly the Westminster system provides the best way for voters to elect a party, it is then up to the party to choose a leader.
    You would have to be foolish to elect the opposition to power for many reasons, but then, the media have made fools of us all!!!

  4. Wasn’t quite sure of what this article was meant to evoke. Next thought was better read it.

    Ramblingsofapoliticsstudent, perhaps you should re read the article.

    Where do you live?

    What benefits has your MP provided to you & your fellow residents?

    What benefits have I had from the current government & lastly what benefits would I be getting if the Opposition were to get into government.

    Does that make it a little clearer for you?

    I happen to live in the PM’s electorate, haven’t always voted for a Labor candidate. But this time I will definitely be voting for a Government that has given me & my family, the best outcomes we have had in many, many decades.
    Pension increase, compensation for power bills so that an ETA can save our grandchilden & the planet from Global warming.
    I will also be voting for a Government who has had the foresight to give us the NDIS, Gonski reform for educating our grandchildren. I will also be voting for a Government that will keep on working for the good of the workers of this country, making sure that we negotiate our way from our current form of energy production to that of Renewable Energy resources, so that those that may have lost employment in one area, can retrain & get employment in other occupations. That is, if those States that are cutting funding for TAFE colleges ever realize what a complete mess employment will be without places to retrain.

    Hope this also makes things a little clearer for you & perhaps also for a few more people who think that they are just voting for Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott.

    We aren’t, they just happen to be the leaders of the two major political parties. You need to vote for the person in your are, regardless of what party they stand for, who you think will listen to you, respond to your concerns in a genuine fashion. Promises are just talk. Actions are what count.

    • Thanks Sandra, it was just a response to all the people who say “Im voting for the PM” or “why you shouldnt vote for Tony”, we dont have presidential elections. I wish the media would stop perpetrating that idea.

  5. Go easy- this is all a bit complex for the average punter 😉 All that really matters is who’ll cut taxes more and who’ll keep out those scary boat people.

    I’m too young to be this cynical… 😥

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