Left wing Australian feminism is the new fascism?

post added by Jo Nakashima

I wrote a piece recently that looked at the Cleavage of Consequence, of whatever that world wide phenomenon of taking photos of your cleavage is called, especially coming as it did days after the Prime Minister’s body was metaphorically carved up and put on a Liberal party fundraiser dinner.

Oh boy. Apparently, I’m the one stoning other feminists… and this is what, a love note? Have a different opinion and you get accused of being fascist.

Jan Mahyuddin

#auspol Woken up in a parallel universe. @NoPlaceforSheep pilloried for creative, funny, strategy; @MikeCarlton01 doing a @michellegrattan!

Carol Duncan

@NoPlaceforSheep blurggghhhhhh why did I click on that? I prefer a convoy to ‘my way or the highway’.

Commander Cleavage

This is the kind of reaction to #convoyofcleavage that divides women in the worst possible way.https://turnleft2013.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/australia-where-your-cleavage-is-your-greatest-political-asset/

Kaitlin Walsh

@YaThinkN Same has happened with #ConvoyofCleavage If you deviate from entrenched position you’re the enemy & cop disproportionate abuse.

Baroness Von Bomber

@NoPlaceforSheep I find it curious that so much time can be spent critiquing what was a quick & fun exercise. Quite hypocritical dare I say


@Fluffula yes. Did you read ridiculous piece saying you can’t? Cleavage photo taking apparently extremely time consuming @NoPlaceforSheep

Leonie ‏@propinqua
@mamabook @Fluffula @NoPlaceforSheep Just commented, and that really WAS a criminal waste of my precious time. Off to bake for the kids.


@NoPlaceforSheep #convoyofcleavage concern troll is concerned. https://turnleft2013.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/australia-where-your-cleavage-is-your-greatest-political-asset/?replytocom=7201#respond … #concerned


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