Ms Gillard should stand aside, we have Tony Abbott, the thinking woman’s PM

Guest post from Jo Nakashima, busy fending off fascist trolls to add this post on Fairfax’s latest attempts at journalistic balance. Thank you Jo

Balance, in the media, what does that mean? Both sides (and there are only two sides, Dualism: right/wrong, black/white, left/right, male/female, there are no shades of grey) as the same as each other.

We have really put the duh in democracy, creating a perverse equality that entitles everyone to speak to every issue, regardless of how much they know about it.
Laura Penny, More Money Than Brains, p. 13.

In Fairfax’s never ending quest for balance we have these two posts, extracts included here, follow the link (before the paywall goes up) to read the full pieces, if you are brave enough.

The Age 22 june 2013
nameless editorial

For the sake of the nation, Ms Gillard should stand aside
It is time for Julia Gillard to stand aside as leader of the federal parliamentary Labor Party, as Prime Minister of Australia, so that vigorous, policy-driven democratic debate can flourish once again. Ms Gillard should do so in the interests of the Labor Party, in the interests of the nation and, most importantly, in the interests of democracy. The Age’s overriding concern is that, under Ms Gillard’s leadership, the Labor Party’s message about its future policies and vision for Australia is not getting through to the electorate. Our fear is that if there is no change in Labor leadership before the September 14 election, voters will be denied a proper contest of ideas and policies – and that would be a travesty for the democratic process.
The Age does not advocate this lightly. We do so with all respect to Ms Gillard
to read more … For the sake of the nation, Ms Gillard should stand aside

Sydney Morning Herald 20 June 2013
by Nicolle Flint who has previously worked as an adviser to Liberal leaders and is a member of the Liberal Part

Tony Abbott is the thinking woman’s prime minister

if Australians want a prime minister with conviction, vision, a dedication to community and compassion, and who leads by example, then we should elect an Abbott government. Tony Abbott is the thinking person’s prime minister, and to my mind, regardless of what certain women might try to argue, Tony Abbott is the thinking woman’s prime minister.
to read more … Abbott, the thinking person’s prime minister

Editted to add
Alerted in a blog comment to this piece, another Fairfax contribution

Sydney Morning Herald 22 June 2013

With regret, Gillard must go, for nation’s sake
Prime Minister, it’s time. Time for you to quit. As this Parliament draws to its close, it’s time for you to recognise that, for all your achievements, you are leading your government and your party to an electoral defeat of unprecedented disaster.

As painful as it must be, it’s time for you to stand aside for the good of your colleagues, for Labor people everywhere, and for the nation itself. The plain fact is that Australians are no longer listening to you.
to read more … With regret, Gillard must go, for nation’s sake


7 Comments to “Ms Gillard should stand aside, we have Tony Abbott, the thinking woman’s PM”

  1. The Nicole Flint free kick for Abbott, Mike Carlton’s opinion & a shameless editorial: The dying spasms of a once great newspaper The Age.

  2. They just keep trying to get rid of the PM don’t they.


    What has she done that has caused TA & his right wing mob to do his utmost to destroy her and this country’s reputation in the eyes of the rest of the world.
    Oh that’s right. She won the last election, just, but was able to negotiate with the Greens & Independents so that this country could stay on a safe for people to live.

    So who is it really who is trying to get rid of the PM?
    TA absolutely for one.

    Then there is his puppet master Murdoch. Now he really hates the PM because she obviously isn’t someone he could manipulate (unlike KRudd).

    Then there is also Gina Reinhart & the big mining magnates who are so desperate to keep their ‘billions’ to themselves, never mind that it is the rest of the good citizens of this country who actually own the ground that they make their millions from. What a fight they have put up to make sure that the PM & the ALP stop making moves to secure the funding needed for things like infrastructure, health & education.

    Oh I nearly forgot, there is the MSM who’s only job it is to NOT report, but just MAKE UP THE ?NEWS. But then we all know who owns 90% of the media in this country. Who is that I can hear you say?


    • Rudd wanted to sell Australia Network (that TV network thing that broadcasts overseas), he did a deal with Sky, days later he was rolled, and Conroy and PM Gillard cancelled the deal (as far as I understand it). This goes some way to explain the hatred from the Murdoch media.
      Thanks for this comment

  3. Well said Jo.

    The hypocrisy of whoever wrote The Age’s editorial, above, is absolutely breathtaking. Voters will only be denied “a proper contest of ideas and policies” because that is how the MSM have been running things for the past three years & yes “that would be (& has been) a travesty for the democratic process”. .All caused by the MSM totally denying our PM Julia Gillard fair & balanced reporting. The ridiculousness of the constant claims of leadership problems & challenges has to stop. It is MSM feeding MSM, journalists interviewing & quoting other journalists. Ludicrous. How many have even condescended to mention all the legislation this allegedly paralysed & chaotic government has pushed through? None. Any mentions such as that of NDIS, Gonski or NBN are twisted to suit the LNP & Murdoch narrative.

    As for the opinion piece in the SMH the less said the better.. It is a total disgrace that this once fine newspaper has stooped so low as to publish such crap. It isn’t even close to rational journalism of any kind. Might expect this love letter about Abbott in the LtdNews stable but not in Fairfax. Is this what happens when someone like Gina Rinehart gains control? Dreadful.

    • The media really need to ramp up the PM Gillard hatred this week, it’s they last roll of the dice to get rid of the democratically elected Prime minister.
      Thanks for your comment

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