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May 8, 2014

How we can defeat the Right (part 3): Know Your Enemy, in 1 word and 3 sentences

When I ask people why they buy Murdoch papers and subscribe to Murdoch TV and spend all day analysing Murdoch trollumnists and court jesters they will at some point say “Know Thy Enemy”. Just exactly what they learn about thy enemy from the movie packages and sporting channels I do not know.

However, so that you never need to purchase another Murdoch product and further fund his propaganda machine, I have summed up the Right-wing in one word and three easy sentences. It will explain their motivation and predict their next moves.

What is the one word that explains everything about the Right, what they do, what they have done, what they will do?

1 Word

Now for the three sentences that expand on that a little.

Sentence 1
Their greed is unlimited, they wanted everything, all the money, assets, resources, and all the power; in order for them to have everything, you must have nothing.

Maybe I need a longer sentence.

Sentence 2
Everything every Right-wing government and corporation has ever done is about transferring wealth from the poor to the rich (themselves), they will reduce your wages and spending power in order to concentrate the wealth, power, and assets in the hands of the few, and when you have nothing and your wages are $2 a day you will have no ability to defend your rights and assets (private or community) as they are ripped away and given to the already rich.

‘But,’ you say, ‘why would Abbott and his ‘boche’ government do this, the Australian economy was one of the best in the world under the ALP government’.

Sentence 3
Your enemy does not care about you or want what is best for you or Australia, and they never will; the sick will die, the poor will starve, the old will freeze, austerity suicides will rise, and they will never care about you, you are nothing to them, except for your cheap labour and the taxes you will pay to fund their parasitic lifestyle, and they will do and say anything to maintain their wealth, power and assets, and to achieve this they will deliberate crashing the economy means they can bring in austerity which will slash your wages, increase your taxes, and remove your services.

There you go, now you know Your enemy.

Ask most people what they want out of life, and they will probably tell you “to be happy”, ask one of the self-appointed elites, the 1%, and they will tell you “everything”. GREED.

In order for the Right-wing and the 1% to get their hands on your assets and have you working for slave wages the Abbott government will deliberate destroy the economy. It is difficult to convince a happy, prosperous nation to privatise assets and reduce wages while people have a secure, high-income job and can buy what they want.

Austerity means poverty, and with poverty comes fear. For the 1% to continue fueling their wealth and feeding their greed, more and more of the middle class need to be plunged into the worst abject backbreaking poverty. At this point, Abbott and his government (and unelected, faceless men) will “rescue” us, by selling our assets to their mates, reducing our wages, cutting our services, increasing our taxes, “for the greater good”.

People will die, they will go hungry, they will be forced to choose between heating and eating, the old will give up on life, the middle class who have lost everything will commit suicide, the sick will die because health care is an unfunded luxury, the disabled will be allowed to die because we can’t afford it, but, it will be “for the greater good”.

Now, here is the thing, I don’t need to sit around all day studying the Right to work out what motivates them (hint: it’s Greed), or analysing what they have done in order to predict their next move (hint: reduce what you have so they can increase what they have), I just need to see the results of their actions which are destroying people, communities, the environment, jobs, hope, our future and prosperity. The end results tell me what they are doing is wrong and hurting people, who cares why they are doing, it needs to be stopped.

Do the gedankenspiel (thought experiment) – choose any Right-wing politician, any Right-wing media outlet, any Right-wing policy and apply that 1 word and 3 sentences, you will find everything they do fits into that pattern: lowering your wages, increasing their profits and removing your ability to defend your rights as they are stripped away.

Let’s take Gina Rinehart as an example:

If Gina has $100 and I have $1, how much more does Gina want? $1

If Gina has $1000 and I have $10, how much more does Gina want? $10

If Gina has $10,000 and I have $10, how much more does Gina want? $10

If Gina has everything and I have nothing, how much more does Gina want? Everything I will ever have in my future.

The greed is insatiable, it will never be satisfied.

We are not people to Gina, Tony Abbott, Rupert Murdoch, faceless corporations and Right-wing politicians, we are a means to an end, we are no different to them than a machine that can be put to work to create money for them. They want you broke and desperate, that way you will take any scraps they want to hand out ($2 a day wages anyone?), if the government reintroduced slavery, work houses for the poor, and debtors prison they would be happy.

Meanwhile, if you need to keep clicking their links, buying their newspapers, paying for their Foxtell and then spend all day analysing, discussing, examining, dissecting, their Right-wing propaganda, from Right-wing columnists, trollumnists and court jesters, funding their propaganda, don’t kid yourself that you are “knowing thy enemy”, what you are actually doing is Not Knowing Your Friends. The money you are giving to Murdoch to tell you what to think that is money you are not spending on left / centre media, which withers in the darkness. Meanwhile, the Right is becoming even more powerful, and their media is used a weapon for shaping public opinion and steering government policy.

One last thing… how does this help defeat the Right?
As soon as Tony Abbott is no longer useful to Rupert Murdoch, when Abbott starts costing Murdoch money, he is finished.

So, stop funding Rupert Murdoch, refuse to buy his sh!t, don’t give his propaganda more power by talking about what his court jesters say as if what they say is relevant, do not see everything through the Murdoch propaganda filter. If you take away Rupert Murdoch’s money the Right-wing elites will turn on themselves, and they will take their greed will destroy each other.


May 5, 2014

How we can defeat the Right (part 2): You’ve Got To Fight For Your Right To Vote

Voting is a right, use it. Protect that vote, fight any attempts to make it “easier” by kicking you off the rolls.

Enroll to vote, make sure you are in the right electorate, know your candidates and when you vote, vote properly.

Watch out for postal votes which return envelopes are addressed to a political party.

Watch out for aged-care facilities in which party hacks collect votes on behalf of residents, especially when ballots are filled-in in pencil.

Watch out for anyone voting on behalf of the aged or non-English speakers.

Come election time, make sure your less-than-mobile, non-Liberal-National party loved ones have access to a polling place, consider it quality time together – take them pre-poll voting then take them for a coffee.

The following links are for the state and federal electoral commissions, you can easily check you are enrolled and enrolled properly at these sites:

Australian Electoral Commissions

Here is why voting is important:

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, a politician always wins.
If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you are still voting for evil.
Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote, voting just encourages them.
The only way to defeat the major parties is by not voting, for anyone.

This is just a selection of sayings people have invented to discourage you from voting and turning their own ignorance into a virtue.

As Emma Goldman may or may not have said: If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.

Guess what – they won’t make it illegal, not yet, they will just sit back and wait while you voluntarily give up your right to vote.

Voting does change things, that is why Right-wing governments all over the world are pushing to disenfranchise voters, that is why the move is on in Australia to have voluntary voting and voter photo ID.

Voter photo IDs laws punish the young, who may not have got around to getting their driver’s licence and the poor who may not have licences or passports. Also, photo ID requirements don’t prevent voter fraud, they just prevent voter impersonation.

The Right want to create a scandal about voter fraud which will result in only the Right voting – and vote they will, they never see their vote as a burden.

Besides, all the voter restrictions – IDs, literacy tests, restricted hours, voting tax – will not affect any party or organisation that wants to commit voter fraud, they will have to resources to circumvent any restriction. All moves to eliminate voter fraud entrenches fraud and eliminates legitimate voters.

Voter fraud is not a problem in Australia, and any reasoned attempts to convince the Right there is no problem is met with “conspiracy theory!”, they will tell you the left relies on fraudulent votes, which tells you they are creating a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist, the fact they say the left relies on it, is clear they are targeting left-wing voters for disenfranchisement.

While we are talking about fraud, do we really think any party that has lost a Premier, a couple of ministers and a few more MPs at the NSW ICAC (that’s, Independent Commission Against Corruption) really cares about eliminating fraud?

The Right-wing openly brag that the more people they can prevent from voting the more their vote goes up. People who already feel powerless will feel their vote doesn’t make a difference, and stay at home on election day.

If you don’t vote, you increase the power of the voters who do vote to choose government.

Do not believe anyone who tells you that they want voluntary voting to make your life easier, to relieve you of that burden of once every three years going to your local polling booth and putting a piece of paper in a cardboard box…
These are the people who want you to work until you are 70 because age pensions are less important than their gold passes. Do you really think these people want to make your life easier?

Voluntary voting favours the Right Wing, repeating that for all the Lefties who say voting should not be compulsory: Voluntary voting favours the Right Wing.

One study found that in the 1996 election in Australia, compulsory voting reduced the vote share of the victorious right-wing Liberal Party/National Party coalition by five points. Another study looked at the interwar period (1918-1941), when Australia first embraced compulsory voting, and found that the policy benefited the left-wing Labor Party by about seven to nine points.
What if it were illegal NOT to vote? – The Washington Post

The difference when there is voluntary voting is almost 10% (M. Mackerrasa, I. McAllister) in favour of the Right. Imagine how difficult it would be for the Left to win any election stating 10% down, now try to tell me that voluntary / compulsory voting is all about making your life easier.

If the Right can encourage people to not use their voting rights they can go a long way to ensuring permanent Liberal governments – well, except for when Murdoch wants to show he is in charge and flips the government, to send a wake up call to the Right to not take his support for granted.

Voluntary voting is on the IPA wishlist, if there is anything that should be a great big red flag that this isn’t going to benefit ordinary people, you haven’t been paying attention to the IPA.

When you say what’s the point in voting, a politician always wins, you are making the case for voluntary voting. Meanwhile, those in power want to take away your rights, permanently, they are motivated to vote (or restrict your voting) because they know exactly how powerful it can be. That is why they Right are doing all they can to make it more difficult for you to excise that right to vote.

For those who say that voting is a burden – Nelson Mandela went to prison for almost thirty year, hard labour, to get the vote. Women suffragettes died in the fight to get the vote. African-Americans in the United States were lynched daring to register to vote. These are burdens, voting is not.

One more thing: when you voluntarily give up your rights – whether it is the implied right to free speech, association, or voting – because you see it as a burden, you are making it easier for governments to take away my rights, and having my rights taken away makes me sad : (

Maybe what Emma Goldman should have said: If voting changed anything, the Right would make it voluntary.

Because much of the feedback to Part 1 was along the lines of “that’s good and all, but how about some practical solutions”, these will come in part 3, 4, etc. Future posts will cover Civil Dis/Obedience; Educate, Agitate, Organise; Don’t Get Mad, Get Organised; Get Your Hands Dirty, Keep Your Conscience Clean; Silencing The Opposition; Go To The Mattresses, Go To The Barricades; Hold The Media To Account; Appeasing Bullies Never Works; Good People Don’t Always Do Good Things; Stop Funding Those Who Enslave You; Wake Up! And Smell The Fascism; “Be Nice” Is Censorship; It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To
May 2, 2014

How we can defeat the Right (part 1)

This post is the first in a series on how we can stop the Right. It might seem an overwhelming challenge, but it can be done.

The first thing those who want to stop Tony Abbott and his boche must do is have faith in ourselves. Sure, we all have our moments of self-doubt, but I believe that those who oppose Abbott have the intelligence, compassion, creativity, strength, patience and talent to do this. We can do this.

Sí, se puede

Spanish for “Yes, it is possible” or, “Yes, it can be done”.

The phrase Sí, se puede was popularised by union leader and civil rights activist César Chávez and UFW’s co-founder Dolores Huerta, of United Farmworkers during the 1972 rallies.

Yes, we can

Before I took an interest in Australian politics (#auspol), I was an activist – until I realised that everything I was fighting for, human rights, animal rights, environmental rights, would be impossible under an Abbott government. Knowing that under an Abbott Liberal-National Government we all lose, even the rights to protest, I switched focus, to fighting against the Abbott Opposition, and now the Abbott Government.

My background in activism has shown me that there are a lot of things we can do, beyond talking to each other on social media about how bad things are and without the need to join a major party.

I see too many people on social media wanting to be saved, literally, they think someone will save them “the Guardian coming to Australia will save us”, “XXX blog will save us”, “XXX journalist will save us”, “a Robin Hood tax/person will save us”.

We can save ourselves.

If only people realised how powerful they are, WE are. It is not hopeless, it is not time to give up, we will not lay down and die.

Never surrender your power

Alice Walker said ‘The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.’

Do not let anyone tell you that the situation is hopeless, do not believe anyone who tells you that you are powerless. Anyone trying to convince you that you have no power is worried that you will know just how powerful you really are and start to use that power.

If you don’t think we need to Fight Back, you aren’t paying attention

If you were living in France during the World War Two occupation by Germany, under the Vichy government, what would you do? Would you keep your head down and wish and hope and pray and think, or would you realise our very futures are being destroyed before our eyes for the benefits of an elite few and join the Fight.

If you are fighting (not the Right-wing Black Ops style, I mean, happy shiny smiley people, glittery, polite fighting), then I’m your girl, I’m your foot-soldier, I will stand with anyone prepared to fight.

If you are not yet ready to fight for your future, our future, I can wait until you are, and then fight by your side if you want me to.

We can do this.

We made a promise we swore we’d always remember
No retreat no surrender
Like soldiers in the winter’s night with a vow to defend
No retreat no surrender
– Bruce Springsteen