Quotes And Blockquotes

Quotes, less than a sentence long, use <q>quote</q>. Not every country uses speech-quotes, France uses « » guillemets, other countries, have the opening quote mark low „ … “ and the closing quote mark high.

Blockquotes are used usually for direct quotes that are longer than one sentence. These can be styled for background colour, image, font colour, font size, typeface, padding, indent the first line etc

To indent the first line in a blockquote or paragraph, add a space   like this, or two     like this, using &#8195;.

<blockquote style="border:1px dashed #555555;background-color:#fdffff;">
at the start of the blockquote

at the end of the blockquote type on the blockquote is

The border on this blockquote has had width, style, colour changed, and a background colour.

It is the same way as for a post, except replace div with blockquote
Change the background colour of the entire post

Add a background image to a post

Changing Font Colour, Size, Typeace Of A Post

Add a border to a post

Of course, change styles to your preferences.

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