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6 Comments to “Submissions”

  1. Sorry I am rather new to this and not sure what page I should be on. Please transfer my comments to the correct page if you are able to.

  2. Further to my previous post, I, for one, do not believe that all Liberals think that Julia Gillard is a lesser minister because she is childless and there are probably Liberals who shrink with dismay when T Abbott opens his bigoted mouth. If as reported they are sick of the “personal” in politics, it can be changed when ministers choose to stand up to T Abbott and call him out on his personal attacks on the Prime Minister.

  3. Tony Abbott must think there is benefit to be gained by his comment on the baby bonus, That tells us that he assumes liberal followers have the same mindset as himself, that Julia Gillard somehow does not qualify as a Prime Minister because she is childless.Remind me again what century are we in?

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