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April 26, 2012

Has the death knell just sounded for Federal Labor?

Or, is that just the business as usual, one opinion of one reporter for #TheirABC?

With the Levenson inquiry into Rupert Murdoch and his toxic culture of media ownership, there has been a frenzy of investigation about whether the same shadow-state, toxic media culture exists here – oh wait, there hasn’t.

Murdoch’s influence over the vast majority of media in this country has, strangely enough, been ingored by the media.

Australian political reporters have more important things to worry about. Yes, another Media-LNP manufactured scandal. In a series of tweets, discussing Bill Shorten, the Prime Minister, Peter Slipper, and the Health Services Union, Latika Bourke has said:

This all feels like the same feeling of watching the final years of the NSW Labor Govt…

Without knowing what in particular, Ms Bourke is referring to, as this tweet is vague, perhaps Shorten, Thomson, Slipper (who apparently joined the Labor party without anyone knowing) – other than the current Government of the Day, which is Labor.

It may feel that way to the media, but amongst those of us on the Left, it feels like a Government under constant attack by journalists, especially from the Murdoch stable, who confuse rumour and innuendo with research. In an ongoing attempt to achieve regime change – if the Liberal Nationals can’t win government at the ballot, then, they will do it by hook or by crook.

If it is anything like NSW State Labor then it is more about the media obsession, like sharks who can smell blood in the water, and less to do with reality. If this is the Last Days, then it is because the current mob of political journalists keep saying so – creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. From the Murdoch media at near saturation levels of media ownership in this country to #TheirABC which takes its lead from the Murdoch media headlines.

We deserve better in this country than a media which creates a frenzy of attack against a performing, reforming government that is delivering real change, to the betterment of all Australians, not just the faceless billionaires and mining magnates.

If the government does not fulfil its full term – the media in this country will be responsible for not only subverting democracy, but shoving a dagger in democracy’s heart and twisting the knife, just to make sure it stays dead.

By Hook or By Crook – is an old English phrase that means by any means necessary as in not meant to imply that Murdoch media, aided and abetted by #theirABC are doing anything illegal, or crooked, but if the reader wishes to infer that, it cannot be helped.

April 12, 2012

Western Australia to the LNP – It’s not us, it’s you, we’ll call, we promise

This post is reposted with permission from Ærchies Archive – Digital Detritus. Thank you

Incompetence Shines Through

Posted on April 11, 2012 by archiearchive FCD

With all the polls indicating a crushingly anti-ALP mood within the Australian Electorate, fed by a conniving media, there are still some things which cannot be papered over.

Like the incompetence of the Barnett Government in Western Australia. Like the apparent fraud of the Rorts Royalties for Regions imposed upon the State by National’s leader, Brendon Grylls when he hijacked 25% of all oils and mineral royalties for his blatant pork-barrelling use. Like a perverted chair-sniffing adulterer in charge of the State Bank Account. It all adds up and electors DO have a memory longer than a goldfish!

The numbers are becoming disturbing and, to keep the current LNP Govt in the apparent lead, shenanigans have to be played with the numbers. The uncommitted are excluded and the 2PP number is based on preferences, not in this poll but on the last election, some four years ago! ALP + Greens = 46% yet only 11% of Other is allocated to the ALP to give an alleged 47% 2PP.

Think about it, then think about some of the other polling tripe we are being fed nationally!

March 29, 2012

How One Greens Supporter Sees Labor’s Recent Performance

Guest post by @greenat15, a proud Greens member (who has recently changed his handle to @greenat16)

Pondscum, what’s with that?

When I was on a recent walk, in lovely Sydney, I came across a billabong, a little stretch of water that was filled with an algal bloom – do we want for a better word than Pondscum?

I see many similarities with that primitive form of life and a certain political party. I see them both attempt to cling onto life when they are facing immense pressure to throw in the towel and give it all up. I see them both being tiny specs on the landscape, and I see them both refusing to move, refusing to adapt, refusing to change.

The Australian people hold much anger towards the Labor party, why? Because they are the same old stagnant rot that refuses to change, that recycles bad policy, bad leaders and bad ideas.

I am a 15 year old student, what does he know about politics? who is he? he can’t even vote! Well I have been involved in politics for over half my life, I live and breathe politics, I am not in the Labor party, but I am in NSW, I have seen what NSW Labor has done to this state and it ain’t good.

It’s understandable that the people are upset with Labor. It’s understandable that the Labor brand is dying. It’s true that Australians hate political domination, towards the end of Howards reign there was total Labor domination in each state and territory

Then there was the Ruddslide. The inevitable win from federal Labor, a win that was theirs for the taking but with that win came the inevitable loss of the states – Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and finally Queensland… Gone.

Gone, because the labor governments in those states took the people for granted, they raped the land and absorbed money from the highest bidder. They had to go, and Gillard’s leadership tussle gave the people the ultimate excuse for Labor’s removal.

Gillard and the faceless factional cronies (I’m looking at you Shoppos) signed the death warrant for the Labor party across Australia, they came, they soared and they gored – relegated to facing a government of 72 seats.

State Labor has also done much to ensure that they won’t partake in a big win for a long time, let’s take NSW as an example: they had countless MPs referred to the Corruption Watchdog, they had sex scandals, they had Ministers who announced things that knew they could not deliver on; that’s where the rot comes from.

NSW is the home of the gangrenous Labor limbs, heck, we even had a name for it The NSW Disease.

The recent Queensland elections further demonstrated the publics hate for the Labor Party, they were like a sponge (well, maybe that’s not a good metaphor considering the floods they had recently), they filled the Parliament with MPs that loved asset sales and then when it came to the March 24th election they were squeezed into oblivion, their water soul was shattered into a volleyball team of MPs.

The public hate the Labor party, but it is the Labor Party itself that is to blame for the death of the Labor party…

Opinions are those of @greenat16, and do not, necessarily, reflect those of TurnLeft.

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March 26, 2012

200 broken promises in just one year – that’s Liberal National government

in New South Wales

Source: NSWLabor:

March 25, 2012

QLD Election Blowback, this times it’s personal.

On March 24 2012 , the Word FUCK was heard around the world – QLD Election Blowback, this times it’s personal. by Delon de Circle en Rouge

One day you’re in power for 20 years dragging the state into the 21st Century and the next …Labor {is} falling short of official party status and relying on the incoming LNP government to grant it party offices, staff and resources* with only 6 seat won.

The blame lies with Anna Bligh and the Labor Party campaign. Anyone who had the sickening misfortune to watch the mawkish self-pity of Anna Bligh concede defeat before Saturday, can watch this and tell me would you vote, let alone volunteer to hand out How-To-Vote cards and campaign for our ALP cause, if you saw this video?

Campbell Newman didn’t win this election, nobody likes a smug millionaire with a chip on his shoulder. Although to be fair, a leader he is, much more so than Anna Bligh, and he managed to galvanise a talentless and listless bunch of LNP candidates from the reject shop. Whether they’ll be able to support his ‘vision’ remains to be seen.

ALP strategists should be immediately fired. They stuffed up our NSW campaign and completely fucked up our QLD one. Clearly a bold consistent message wasn’t in their planning. You can argue that Bligh broke plenty a promise; but you can argue that all politicians renege on promises when world reality collides with policy.

Time for a new strategy and strategists. Time for new leaders. Time for aggressive progressive policies. Time to Act. Time to bring in new and youthful ideas and enthusiasm. Time to destroy the left/right paradigm and deliver a more pertinent message one of which is the individual/community vs the Corporations as exemplified by the Occupy Movement. In this way the youth will come to think of ALP as a mainstream progressive political party that listens and not just a moderate Liberal Party that they’re fast becoming.

{edited to add: *source of this quote is behind a paywall – @redglitterx}

March 22, 2012

Mixed Message Strategy of the LNP in Queensland Election

click for full size image: image from the Murdoch owned Courier Mail, 21-12-2012

Hajnal Black, the Conservative politician of this article, who stood for the Liberal Nationals in 2009, and has been supported by the Australian TEA party and the ADL (whose British counterpart EDL – English Defence League has been compared to a fascist organisation) gave “police the slip as arrest warrant remains active” against her.

And yet Campbell Newman’s party, I mean, the Liberal Nationals try to paint the ALP as being untrustworthy. Black is currently facing five criminal charges over whether she failed to declare a number of pecuniary interests while working in public office.

Yes, because apparently when conservatives run away from the police while facing five criminal counts, that, is considered trustworthy.

The other mixed message here is the bullet holes in the blue of the Australian flag. Considering the most visible member of the Queensland Labor party is Anna Bligh, the use of bullets continues a disturbing trend among conservatives that talk about assassination and killing female leaders and outspoken Australian women, hoping they will suffer or die.
See: Alan Jones talking about Clover Moore of Sydney put her in the same chaff bag as Julia Gillard and throw them both out to sea and in reference to Prime Minister Gillard again Jones said quite frankly they should shove her and Bob Brown in a chaff bag and take them as far out to sea as they can and tell them to swim home, as well as the recent death threats against television host Yumi Stynes, and also death threats against Julie Bishop.

But you say, no sane person would see that as an invitation to kill any politician. The ad is talking about a change and features bullet holes. When the USAmerican Fox-television host Sarah Palin used crosshairs on a map of congressional districts including that of the Democrat politician Gabrielle Giffords, someone took that seriously, and Giffords was subsequently shot in the head.

Why are bullet holes even necessary to make your point about a change in government?

Edited to add: it has been pointed out to me, Waste in The Sopranos-speak, has a very different connotation, where it is used as a euphemism for kill someone

text by @redglitterx