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May 2, 2012

Defeated After Surrendering

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quote: It is far better to be defeated while attempting to implement Labor policies than to be defeated after surrendering them. I do not believe we can win by surrendering these or, if by any chance we did win, that winning would be worthwhile. Jim Cairns, 1975

April 18, 2012

Australian Troops Out Of Afghanistan… one day

Prime Minister Gillard yesterday outlined plans to bring Australian forces home from Afghanistan early, in an address to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Australian personnel were previously expected to withdraw at the end of 2014, on a NATO timetable, but PM Gillard’s announcement says plans are for Australians return by the end of 2013.

This is a war with a purpose, this is a war with an end. We have a strategy, a mission and a timeframe for achieving it, PM Gillard said. Then proceeded to make her address where she did not state what that purpose was, or whether the war can ever end, but, there is a timeframe.

Afghanistan is known as destroyer of empires or graveyard of empires, and perhaps not enough thought was put into it, in the first instance, by John Howard when he sent other people’s children off to die in the name of bolstering our standing in the eyes of the USA, or in the eyes of his good friend George Bush.

But regimes change, and it is time to bring the troops home. Why are we waiting?

The price paid has been high, 33 Australians killed, however, as ABC Asia said Ms Gillard said she did not share the view that they had died in vain.

Prime Minister Gillard described the deaths of these military personnel as a sacrifice.

I believe in engaging in Afghanistan our mission has been clear, our purposes has been clear, our sacrifice has been great … But the families of the men we have lost are able to say to themselves in a time of shocking grief and desperation that their loved ones were out there doing something clearly in Australia’s national interest. the Prime Minister said.

However, it appears that withdrawal doesn’t mean complete withdrawal. According to Fairfax, some special forces may remain and some training of Afghan forces will continue.

Continuing to stay in a war that can never be won, does not honour those lives already sacrificed. It is not our sacrifice. It is the lives of the men who were taken in the name of national interest. Surely there are more worthy things to die for than so-called national interest. I thought we were liberating Afghanistan, or freeing them from the Taliban, or protecting the women and girls, or perhaps making the world safe for democracy.

National interest – isn’t that why the country has diplomats?

However, this was a war Australia got itself into, some believe, to stroke John Howards… er, his ego, when ever GW Bush praised him. And finally, an Australian Prime Minister has the strength to say that no more lives will be taken for a pointless war.

So, what does Tony Abbott say?
Before PM Gillard made her address, Tony said that he wanted the Australian military home once their job was completed. Abbott who was a member of the Howard Government that committed Australians to participate in this foolish war, really should not pass judgement on other politicians who inherited the mess that is Afghanistan. I have not reason to think that it shouldn’t be possible to finish the job sooner rather than later, Tony Abbott said.

Although, 10 years later, does anyone even know what that job was?

And in other news, about 150 high schools girls in Afghanistan were poisoned after drinking water which had been contaminated. Blame for the incident was placed on conservative radicals who oppose the education of women and girls
Girls have only begun returning to school in 2001, when the Taliban, who had banned educating girls, was overthrown.

As our leaders tell us, our job in Afghanistan is done.

Sources: Australian PM outlines plan for Afghanistan exit

April 13, 2012

Tony Abbott Has A New Strategy – One Word Slogans

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So, Abbott’s given up on three word slogans. Now he has ‘one word repeated three times’ slogans. #Fail. #AusPol

Perhaps there is a reason that Tony Abbott relies on 3-word slogans, if you have ever seen him interviewed or doorstopped, without a script in front of him, he can barely string a sentence together.

As this this report from Paul Bongiorno shows when Abbott was surprise-interviewed by a channel 7 reporter, Abbott could barely answer. Described as being lost for words and struggling to retain his cool, might be generous, it seems that Abbott is completely unable to form a coherent sentence.

Abbott is like an actor, without a script, there is very little – now that is the real Tony.

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April 12, 2012

Western Australia to the LNP – It’s not us, it’s you, we’ll call, we promise

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Incompetence Shines Through

Posted on April 11, 2012 by archiearchive FCD

With all the polls indicating a crushingly anti-ALP mood within the Australian Electorate, fed by a conniving media, there are still some things which cannot be papered over.

Like the incompetence of the Barnett Government in Western Australia. Like the apparent fraud of the Rorts Royalties for Regions imposed upon the State by National’s leader, Brendon Grylls when he hijacked 25% of all oils and mineral royalties for his blatant pork-barrelling use. Like a perverted chair-sniffing adulterer in charge of the State Bank Account. It all adds up and electors DO have a memory longer than a goldfish!

The numbers are becoming disturbing and, to keep the current LNP Govt in the apparent lead, shenanigans have to be played with the numbers. The uncommitted are excluded and the 2PP number is based on preferences, not in this poll but on the last election, some four years ago! ALP + Greens = 46% yet only 11% of Other is allocated to the ALP to give an alleged 47% 2PP.

Think about it, then think about some of the other polling tripe we are being fed nationally!

April 10, 2012

Funniest Home Movies – Doug Cameron takes on Peter Costello

In today’s instalment of Senator Doug Cameron’s Funniest Home Movies, he is challenging the notion of a Howard-Costello government, no, it was always a Howard Government. Poor Peter.

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April 9, 2012

Music Monday – Wide Open Road: The Triffids

The band is named after a plant that learns to walk and communicate and wipes out humanity.

The song is about being away from your loved ones and wanting to get back to wide open road of Australia, and voted one of the most wanted songs for homesick Australians backpacking overseas.

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April 9, 2012

Why are Zionists being consulted by the head of Business Council Of Australia about raising the level of Australian GST

In an Ayn Randian-style speech the head of the Business Council Of Australia, a corporate lobby group, wants pensioners and the unemployed to pay more tax, and also pay his tax too while they are at it – and who did he consult – the Australian Israel Chamber of Commerce.

Australian trade with Israel would be small, and yet they hold enormous sway over public policy in Australia, out of all proportion to any benefits they deliver to Australian industries or workers.

Lift GST to fund other tax cuts, business chief says

Tony Shepherd, new head of the Business Council of Australia, addressed the Australian Israel Chamber of Commerce, urging the Federal Government to remove barriers to competition. Barriers to competition usually means workers protections, environmental protections, health and safety, taxes on massive profit, anti-monopoly, minimum wage – those kinds of barriers.

Shepherd want to reduce business and income taxes, funded by raising GST. This would represent a massive transfer of wealth from the working poor, the unemployed and pensioners who pay little or no income tax or business tax, yet still pay 10% on everything they buy.

The tax system should be shifted from direct taxes to an increased reliance on indirect taxes like the GST.
We should be realistic that reconfiguring our tax system in this way can be done in a way that raises enough revenue, promotes growth and provides a fair go for people who are less well off,
he said.

Why is this man being called a business chief, like he is some kind of official? He is the head of a lobby group. That would be like calling a mobster a banking chief, or the head of the fast food lobby a nutrition chief

Slashing business taxes put an incredible burden on working poor and non-workers, who cannot avoid or minimise their taxes by opening a head office in Vanuatu or the Cook Islands. If – when – this happens, Australia would see the farcical situation we are currently seeing in US America where Right-Wing conservative governments try to portray Wisconsin public school teachers on $56,000 a year as over-paid while CEOs on $1.5 million are under-paid and over-taxed, even on a tax rate of 0% they still feel they are paying too much. Or we might see another Florida, which recently repealed laws that made wage-theft illegal, thus legalising bosses stealing their employees wages.

Is this the Australia we want? A country that worships the almighty dollar? This is what we get if we shrink the tax base to the poorest of the poor, while giving business everything they want in a race down to the bottom.

Why? Why is it necessary to consult Israel or its lobby group? Why does an Australian lobby group seek approval from an Israeli lobby group about the amount of GST Australian tax payers actually pay.

Anyway, how is a corporate lobby group any different from say a “bosses union”, in that they pay their dues and hope their collective bargaining power can gain their members benefits? Oh, right… it’s bad when workers do it, respectable when “rich” people do it.

*The origin of the term Zionism is the biblical word Zion, often used as a synonym for Jerusalem and the Land of Israel
Source: Palestine Facts – What is Zionism and who are the Zionists?

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article: Lift GST to fund other tax cuts, business chief says – Leonie Lamont, April 4, 2012: Sydney Morning Herald


April 8, 2012

Happy National Chocolate Day from Turn Left

Politics takes a break for a day, while we all celebrate National Chocolate Day, if you eat chocolate.For something different, read the story of The Easter Bilby

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April 8, 2012

The Easter Bilby

Replacing the traditional rabbit, Australia now has its very own Easter Bilby.

The concept of an Easter Bilby has been around since at least 1968, and now promotion of chocolate bilbies can help fund conservation of this endangered species, such as funded by the chocolate store Darrell Lea.

There is also the children’s story Burra Nimu, the Easter Bilby, by Jeni Bright, which is available for download. This is an extract

Binni knew that eggs meant the start of new life and new hope, so he made his especially beautiful. He painted rich red eggs, the colour of the hot desert earth, and splashed them with bright sparkles, because the desert is full of life.

Next, he painted soft green eggs and sprinkled them with the colours of the wild flowers he had once seen, soon after the water fell from the sky.

Then Binni painted warm yellow eggs, the colour of the early morning sun before it fades in the heat of the day. These he gave to Bindee, who decorated them with animals and birds.

Finally, Binni painted deep blue eggs, the colour of the early evening sky when he and his family came out of their burrow to feed and play. Bindee decorated these with twinkling stars. Then she carefully painted each with the big, round moon that hangs on the horizon when the night is clear.

When all the eggs were finished the burrow was ablaze with the colours of the land.

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April 7, 2012

The Truth About Carbon Pricing (or carbon “Tax” if you read Murdoch papers)

There are many lies being spread about carbon pricing, usually by those with an agenda, either that or they can’t read.

First of all: it is not being applied yet – any business that claims it is sacking workers or raising prices now because of the carbon pricing, is blatantly lying and ripping off consumers. The pricing goes into affect from 1 July 2012.

Second: Unlike the GST which put a 10% tax on just about everything you buy, with little options for finding non-GST affected products; Carbon pricing will only be on the top 500 polluting companies. If you don’t want to pay for a product which has carbon pricing attached, simple… buy a product that is Less polluting.

If you don’t want to pay carbon pricing, choose products with less impact. Simple. Third: opponents of Carbon pricing say that it is unfair, unlike GST which is fair and balanced. No. The reverse is true. GST disproportionately affects those on lower incomes, who spend a larger proportion of their income on GST taxable products, while those that attract no-GST tend to be luxury items (which had other taxes removed in exchange for the GST). If you don’t want to pay carbon pricing, choose products with less impact. Simple. If you want to continue to screw-up the environment, that is your choice. But you pay for the privilege.

Our planet should belong to all of us, not just those who can afford to pollute it. As it is now, those who can afford to buy more things, are doing a greater proportion of damage to our air, our water, our limited resources, our planet, our life-support system. That would like saying: it is okay for a rich person to beat the stuffing out of you, because if you can afford to sue them, they have can afford the compensation. Ignoring the damage done in the meantime.

Fourth: But what about our pensioners? They worked hard all their lives and now they won’t be able to afford heating or food? WRONG. Those on low-incomes, including pensioners will be compensated. And like each and every one of us, as consumers they have a mighty power, it’s called the dollar vote – the power of choice, if they don’t want to pay for the carbon price, all they have to do is choose a different product.

Fifth: Prime Minister Gillard is not personally benefiting from this – We Are. Our children, our grandchildren, our nation, our Pacific neighbours whose countries are disappearing under water, even as I type.

Australia has about 0.3% of the world’s population, but contributes about 1.5% of total greenhouse gas emissions. This puts Australians among the highest per capita emitters (source: Australian Bureau of Statistics). We are the country that is creating the mess, it is our responsibility to clean it up.

For much more detailed – and legally accurate – information, see ACCC – Australian competition & Consumer Commission: Carbon price claims

And if you think you are getting balanced, accurate information from an unbiased media, because media is neutral – read this: How Murdoch’s Aussie Papers Cover Climate Change by NPR in US America
Here is just a taste of that article…

The Australian has aggressively opposed the Green Party’s agenda of addressing climate change through greater regulation and taxation of pollution. Two years ago, the paper vowed in an editorial that it would seek to destroy the party at the ballot box.

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