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April 15, 2012

Best Picture Of Tony Abbott Ever

image: Fairfax
Tony Abbott’s press conference, the same time Bob Brown announced his retirement on Fri 13 apr 2012

And we will all finally answer that big philosophical question that has plague philosophers for generations…

If Tony Abbott calls a press conference and nobody is there, does Tony Abbott still say stuff?

April 13, 2012

How Bob Brown’s Resignation Unfolded on Twitter

text of image: @SenatorBobBrown As I leave the leadership, but never the Greens, a big thankyou to you all

text of image: @abcnews ‘I will be a Green until the day I die’ – Bob Brown

Come on ABC, you’re missing the big picture, no one cares what the Government think about the leader of their Coalition partner resigning, who cares what members of Brown’s own party think… tell us, what does The Opposition Say, give us Tony’s reaction.

text of image: @senatormilne I’m honoured & excited to have been elected leader of the @GreensMPs to build on the great legacy of @SenatorBobBrown, who is retiring today

text of image: @PennyWrites
A huge thank you to Bob Brown from me. His dedication to our future wellbeing over so many years marked by courage and vision. #auspol

Senator Penny Wright: Australian Greens Senator for SA.

text of image: @greenat16 I am really sad now!

text of image: @PaulBongiorno
By any measure Bob Brown is a giant of Australian politics. His influence is international as the inspiration for Greens parties everywhere.

text of image: @latikambourke Bob Brown says ‘purchasing democracy’ (citing mining ads) is here in Australia ‘a la America’ and it’s growing.

text of image: @macleanbrendan “I must go. My planet needs me.” – Bob Brown.

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April 13, 2012

Bob Brown Retires, And Tony Abbott Shows His Lack Of Class… He Compares The Greens To The Democrats

text of image: @PaulBongiorno
Tony Abbott says turbulent times ahead for the Greens. Likens Brown to Don Chipp and the Dems. True the Dems lasted another decade or more.

All Class Tony, it’s all about You, isn’t it?

April 13, 2012

Bob Browns resignation statement

The Australian Greens
Bob’s full media statement:

Bob Brown has resigned as Leader of the Australian Greens Parliamentary Party. He will also resign from the Senate, after 16 years’ service, when his Tasmanian replacement is available in June.

Senator Brown, who is 67, made the announcement to his Greens Party Room colleagues this morning at 10am.

“I am sad to leave but happy to go. It is good knowing that the Greens have such a depth of talent and experience lined up for leadership – I could only dream about that a decade ago”, Senator Brown said.

“It is prime time to hand over the reins. I offer a huge ‘thank you’ to the 1.7 million Australian voters who elected our Green team, and to my 9 colleagues: they have made each Green year in this parliament better than the year before – though the best is yet to come. For example, our policies for fairly taxing the resources boom and carbon polluters, uniquely enable the Greens to fund a national disabilities insurance scheme, the Gonski education reforms, Denticare, renewable energy businesses, as well as progress on High Speed Rail linking our major cities.

“I also thank my splendid staff, including my longtime friend, confidant, and fount of good political sense, Chief of Staff, Ben Oquist,” Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown has called the Governor-General, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Tasmanian Greens to inform them of his resignation.

“I look forward to fresh green pursuits including writing, photography, music, occasional talks, bushwalking, and getting out with Paul to see Miranda Gibson who has been perched for 120 days 60 metres high, in defence of a giant tree facing destruction in central Tasmania,” Senator Brown said.

March 26, 2012

A piece of Murdoch merde – Rupert achieves Regime Change

Newspapers don’t make money. The only reason to own a newspaper publishing empire is to influence public opinion. There has been no secret that the Murdoch media empire in Australia has been trying to bring about Regime Change.

Media is not unbiased. It is not a neutral thing. It is run by editors that have political agendas, for good or bad, they are human.

And this, is Greens Senator Bob Brown’s reaction

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March 21, 2012

The Australian Green Movement is Controlled by the CIA

At a press conference yesterday, Clive Palmer stood branding a copy of an environmental report Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom, from Greenpeace and other environmental groups and claimed that is was the work of the CIA.

Video here: CIA threatens Australian coal industry: Palmer (BrisbaneTimes: 20 March 2012)

After mumbling, grumbling something about Bob Brown improperly collaborating with foreign multinationals being treason, I wondered just how his comments would go down with the Murdoch Media, which itself is part of a multinational owned by a foreign billionaire.

image via The Brisbane Times:

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March 21, 2012

Art – Super Wayne, Bob Brown, Clive and Tony

an original cartoon by @jot_au