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April 27, 2012

Art – Meet The Puppet

image by @jot_au

April 24, 2012

Political Debate in Australia: Advocating More Breivik and Less Unions

Last nights 4corners, on the ABC was an emotional story about the families destroyed by Anders Behring Breivik, a rich, white, right-wing, christian, John Howard quoting mass-murdering terrorist. A man who killed 77 people, most of the children, many of them of the left.

What is the right-wing response to something like that: Great Shame it didn’t happen here.

No matter what you think of the Left, or unions, or children, or Labor voters – expressing regret that 69 children weren’t slaughtered by a John Howard, Cardinal Pell quoting terrorist, shows that this country has a long way to go before we can say we have grown up.

Paul Howes, National Secretary of the A.W.Union tweeted:
Thinking back to Young Labor camps my wife, friends & I used to go to and how easily something like this could happen here #4corners

Ross, husband and father responded:
@howespaul Great shame that it didn’t.

The classy response from Paul Howes, was not anger or insults:
This is the most offensive tweet I’ve ever had. Thanks @ross_at_home for reminding us of the evil that lurks here too.

Also, with an Opposition Leader in this country that talks about targets on the forehead of the Prime Minister (The voters of Queensland, they won’t miss… this Prime Minister [Gillard] and this Leader of the House [Albanese] have got targets on their foreheads., there is a great possibility that one day, something like this could happen here.

If you don’t like the election result, you wait and let the voters decide, you do not advocate or condone mass murder, like Tony Abbott and Ross seem to be doing.

April 17, 2012

What do Cardinal Pell, John hoWARd, and Peter Costello have in Common?

As Norways mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik begins his trial for the slaughter of 77 people by giving a German World War II salute to the court. The judge in the trial took over an hour to read the charges against him.

Breivik’s victims, many of them children, were attending a Labour Party youth event.

Before the mass-murders, Breivik posted a manifesto online, in which he praised former Prime Mini John hoWARd, former treasure Peter COSTello, Catholic Cardinal George Pell and neo-conservative historian Keith Windschuttle.

Yes, the xenophobic, Islamophobic ramblings our of former-elected officials and their advisers served as inspiration to the worse mass-murderer of all time.

For a more indepth look at what Breivik quoted, from this arch-conservatives: Norway killer praised Australian conservatives

Also, since this case is currently at trial, I must add allegedly for everything related to the case.

Information: Breivik pleads not guilty at Norway trial

added by redglitterx, no offence to the victims or their families is intended

April 3, 2012

Art – Smug devil

image: photograph of street stencil John hoWARd with devil horns

image by @jot_au
use of hoWARds image does not imply he endorses the contents of this post or blog
this is a metaphor, and we are not alleging any religious implications or that hoWARd is the devil

March 19, 2012

QLD Beautiful One Day, Redneck the Next

by: Delon de Circle en Rouge

When first was gainfully employed, there was a guy at the call centre I worked at called Campbell who irritated the shit out of me. There was nothing I liked about him. His hair & teeth were perfect, he came from a very wealthy family, he spoke as if he was sucking John Howards’ underused blue testicles; in short he was a condescending know-it-all asshat and although he was the classic rich family fuck-up, he was the sort of guy whose family’s wealth and connections will always to his aid in times of trouble.

Campbell Newman is that wealthy society fuck-up threatening Queenslanders with a Liberal National Party government. Although most likely to lose his chance of a seat in Ashgrove – if there’s a God, then she would know what to do – opinion polls suggest a Liberal National walkover; with perhaps a Bob Katter seat thrown in to appease those conservatives still in the gay closet. You know the ones, ask Christopher Pyne & Alexander Downer.

Campbell Newman tied in knots after corruption allegations surface..again

To be perfectly honest, Campbell Bjelke-Newman was an incompetent mayor with many anecdotal evidence of ‘dodgy’ deals that nobody really investigated; because that’s not how they do things in Queensland.

Recently CMC exonerated Campbell; I don’t why, considering every Queenslander knows of the Newman’s rich history of dodgy deals as mayor.

Here is a not-so independent website Campbell’s Web: What A Tangled Web He Weavesof all of Newman’s deals.

William Bligh

Anna Bligh (descendant of William Bligh) unfortunately will never put a foot right. She looks unprepared and stressed and perhaps in reality has a terrible team, those banana-benders are lackadaisical even in times of crisis; floods for example. In reality, the ALP have turned QLD around and dragged it kicking and screaming from Bjelke-Petersen’s corrupt Calvinists racist-fascist 17th century clap-trap into the 21st century of progressive values, equality of the sexes being one.

Unfortunately like their NSW brethren, the QLD ALP are probably on the nose. Twenty years is a long time in marriage, whilst twenty years in government is an eternity. In additions like their NSW colleagues, QLD ALP’s lurch towards neo-liberal policies such as privatisation will only benefit the true heirs of the ALP social democracy; the Greens.

So comes the election this week, which will be a big test for the conservatives who as hot favourites expect nothing more than a white-wash. The Liberal National Party have coerced John Howard from his local bowling club to come and assist Campbell Newman in handing out how-to-vote cards. A victory for the conservatives means they control the West and East coasts of Australia for the first time since 80s.

The ALP will leak votes to the Greens who are running a quiet campaign, whilst the rednecks from the right will all vote for the LNP. The winds of change unfortunately suggest a Reich-wing victory, if that’s the case, and I hear Campbell Newman has lost in Ashgrove, you’re more than welcome to party at my place like its 1799.

– edited by @redglitterx to add
Rob Borbidge (Nationals): 35th Premier of Qld
In office: 20 February 1996 – 26 June 1998
images supplied by Delon de Circle en Rouge