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April 30, 2012

Ah, is that what left-wing bias on the ABC means?

Is it no surprise that Latika Bourkes’ nickname is LIBtika. Harsh or not depends on your perspective.

Imagine the dynamics within caucus if Julia Gillard hasn’t flushed out Kevin Rudd in March (and then carpet bombed him c/o Roxon+Swan et al)

And there we have it, ABC’s raison d’être, it is all about the dynamics, carpet-bombing, fireworks – the media is pushing leadership challenges because it gives lazy political journalists something to do. Speculation and opinion have replaced research and facts.

At least, it wasn’t Tony Abbott says

They rewrite history, and there is no one to stop them. Apparently Stalin was pretty good at rewriting history, to remove enemies or add himself. Maybe that is what critics mean by ABC has a left-wing bias, the Stalinisation of the news.

Did I just hear ABC news refer to @PeterSlipperMP as a ‘Labor MP’?

Did they? Who knows, probably, that kind of fact-checking is beyond the reach of most ABC reporters these days.
By the way, ABC, Slipper is NOT a Labor MP, no matter how hard you hope and wish it to be so.

These people are playing games with our future – because when you have a 24-hour news cycle something has to fill the airwaves.

When they don’t have actual news to report, or rumours to speculate on, or opinions to bore us to death with, they just simple sit around talking to each other.

ABC news. ABC reporters interviewing ABC reporters is not news. Nor is it cutting edge, groovy or interesting. Please stop it.

There you have it, ABC, you are not groovy. A sentiment that many former ABC viewers would whole-heartedly agree with.

But have no fear, all that left-wing bias is more than balanced by the Murdoch media.

The Daily Telegraph’s an unapologetic liar that creates ‘news’ yet we allow it to try manipulate regime change by publication? #auspol

Murdoch, and his near saturation levels of ownership, does not seem to affect politics any, because if there is one that Murdoch media is, it’s fair and balance. You will only get truth, justice and the American way if you read one his publications.

All this surveying people about trusting leaders, how about asking about trusting media commentary, so-called analysis & “reporting”

Many people don’t know their local politicians any more, so they only way they know them or their parties is through the media. When all the media in this country is pushing a Liberal-party, Election-now, Abbott-for-PM agenda, it is presenting a distorted view of reality. Of course, right-wing voters are happy with that distortion, it reflects their biases, makes them feel comfortable that they are right, but it is not a healthy democracy.

April 9, 2012

A piece of Murdoch merde – Lovefest For Abbott’s Homophobia and Family Values… or just more Spin and Lies.

Close to home: what Tony Abbott’s family taught him about gay relationships hidden behind The Australian‘s paywall, we only have the first two paragraphs to go on, but that is more than enough. Clearly this nausea-inducing sycophancy is what the editors of ‘The Oz’ believe will appeal to their readers, or lure in new subscribers.

Written by Kate Legge (wife of Greg Hywood, CEO of FairFox media), in two paragraphs, gushes over Tony Abbott. It is almost as if there is a competition with Mischa Schubert (see: Abbotts Great Big New Nanny Giveaway), fan-girling over Abbott, as if he was all the members of One Direction and Justin Beiber rolled into one.

Tony Abbott is on record as saying he feels threatened by gay people. In 2010 during an interview with 60 Minutes, Abbott said I probably feel a bit threatened, as so many people do. It’s a fact of life. and although Abbott defended those comments the potential prime minister was living in a 1950s world [and] said his earlier comment had been spontaneous There is no doubt that (homosexuality) challenges, if you like, orthodox notions of the right order of things, he told ABC TV. Yes, because that makes the threatened comment so much better.

However, much like his sudden understanding of working women in wanting to provide nannies for the wealthy, followed closely with saying Prime Minister Julia Gillard has a target on her forehead and commenting on her body shape, Abbott’s words about compassion and support (Legge) for his sister, is at odds with his complete lack of compassion and lack of support for any other gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex person.

With the wonders of modern medicine – or perhaps spin doctors – Abbott’s homophobia is cured Although Abbott felt threatened and felt that there was something not right about gay people only two years ago, but now, with the wonders of modern medicine – or perhaps spin doctors – Abbott’s homophobia is cured, his compassion for gay people is boundless. His road to Damascus conversion is miraculous. We know better, if we just wait a week or two, Abbott will say something, off-the-cuff that he will later apologise for.

Saying something spontaneously, that he didn’t mean, then apologising, is par-for-course when it comes to Abbott. Tony Abbott’s admission that not everything he says off-the-cuff is the gospel truth… [and that] … that voters should not believe every pledge he makes unless it is written down as the gospel truthin the heat of discussion he sometimes went further with a promise than he should. Quizzed about his broken promise not to increase taxes, Mr Abbott said sometimes absolute weight could be placed on what is said and other times it was just the give and take of standard conversationyou go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remark (source of all quotes: here) – How many different ways can someone avoid saying I Am A Liar, without using those words?

So what does that mean for Tony’s new found compassion and support for his lesbian sister. Without reading the rest of the article, I cannot say, but anyone who has followed Mr Abbott’s career would have to doubt Mr-Family-Values has had a change of heart. The Opposition Leader is a traditionalist who believes marriage is for men and women. [Abbott’s sister] is committed to a live-in relationship with her partner/q> (Legge). So perhaps Abbott is compassionate and supportive, he just does not believe his sister is entitled to the exact same rights that Abbott enjoys, as a good, traditional family man.

So what kind of family values does Abbott expose? What are these family values that Abbott thinks are only available to straight couples?

When Abbott was 19, his girlfriend became pregnant and believed Abbott to be the biological father. The couple did not marry and put the child up for adoption. For 27 years, Abbott believed that he fathered this child.

So traditional, so family-values!

I cannot know what The Australian article says, perhaps it is using Abbott’s love for his sister to defend his anti-marriage-equality views, much the same way we hear racists say I can’t be racist, my maid is Asian. Being compassionate to one gay person does not negate Abbott’s desire to see other gay and lesbian couples refused their human rights.

One last point I would like to raise… why are we hearing about this now? Is this more spin from Murdoch in their attempt to humanise Abbott? Or, is Abbott exploiting his gay sister for political point scoring? Was it true that Abbott pressured the media to drop stories about his sister until it became useful for him? Or, has Abbott’s sister finally gone public for her own reasons?

None of this matters, what Tony Abbott’s sister does is her own business, and she should not have to be in the public spotlight, unless she wants to be. But this whole thing feels like just more breathless worshipping from the Liberal National spin machine, also known as the Murdoch Media

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April 2, 2012

Tony Abbott plagiarises Richard Nixon, Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obama (video)

Tony Abbott “quotes” famous speeches during his own.

April 2, 2012

Tony Abbott: If you want to put a price on carbon why not just do it with a simple tax (video)

Tony Abbott advocating putting a tax on … well, on carbon.

April 1, 2012

Farewell the Honourable Lionel Frost Bowen AC

In a piece on the Labor Blog, the Prime Minister pays tribute to the late Lionel Bowen, former deputy prime minister and member of Gough Whitlam’s government.

Farewell the Honourable Lionel Frost Bowen AC
Julia Gillard posted Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lionel Bowen was good Labor man, who was passionate for the cause of social justice, and who was renowned for his integrity, honesty and fairness.
read more of what PM Gillard had to say…

Bob Carr paid tribute to Bowen His personality was very humble, he was the ordinary person’s representative in parliament… He was one of nature’s gentlemen.

Kristina Keneally described Bowen as a true gentleman, great family man, and a strong voice for Labor values.

for more on Lionel Bowen: here

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March 30, 2012

South Australia, this man represents you: “You Should Be Put Down” MP Pengilly

Liberal MP, Michael Pengilly, (Finniss, South Australia), who once tweeted the words she’s a real dog in reference to PM Gillard, it seems has continued his obsession with dogs.

Yesterday, Pengilly was thrown out of Parliament at the end of a rowdy question time by the Speaker for, allegely, yelling out a slur to the Transport Services Minister, Chloe Fox, why she was trying to explain transport related issues to the parliament.

The words that Pengilly called out were – allegely – you should be put down.

Stay classy, Liberal member for Finniss, stay classy.

And South Australian voters… Pengilly is a risk of losing pre-selection for the Liberals in the 2014 elections.

source: You should be put down, Liberal MP Michael Pengilly tells Transport Services Minister Chloe Fox, AdelaideNow, 29 Mar 2012
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March 29, 2012

Wayne Swan: Labor’s about helping those with most need

Wayne Swan, named the World’s Best Finance Minister by Euromoney magazine, who championing a return to the Fair Go, writing in the Telegraph

Labor’s about helping those with most need
Wayne Swan The Daily Telegraph March 28, 2012 12:00AM

WHEN I hear the Liberal Party and billionaires like Clive Palmer complain about the extra retirement savings Australians will now get from the mining boom, it makes me remember why I joined the Labor Party 40 years ago.

As a Labor government, we’re always motivated by fairness and sticking up for those that need help the most. That’s underpinned our decisions despite having to deal with some of the most challenging conditions in our history – from the biggest global economic meltdown in 80 years to the worst natural disasters on record.

For the full article: The Daily Telegraph

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March 29, 2012

Gillard promised, Gillard delivered, Gillard vilified in Murdoch media

The federal election that elected the Gillard government was held on 21 August 2010. On 20 August 2010, The Australian ran a piece by Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan under the headline Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise.

The opening three sentences of this piece was:

JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.

It will be part of a bold series of reforms that include school funding, education and health.

In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.
source: Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise; 20 Aug 2010, The Australian

So, where is the Lie?

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March 27, 2012

Kristina Keneally: Bligh’s defeat will not taint ‘can do’ Gillard

Kristina Keneally, MP and former NSW Premier, writing in the Drum, takes a look at the Bligh governments campaign in Queensland, in comparison with the Keneally governments campaign in the 2011.

Both elections were fought on state issues entirely. Abbott fancifully tried to interpret federal issues in the results in NSW: no-one bought it then, no-one is buying it in Queensland now.

There will be lots of commentary about the Queensland result. Greater party democracy, increased party membership, and internal reform will be put forward as the way back to electoral relevance in Queensland, NSW and nationally. I’m not opposed to doing those things. But, as Julia Gillard is determinedly demonstrating, there’s no better way to raise the value of the Labor brand than to consistently deliver on Labor’s core promise: we are the party that delivers the policies and services to improve the lives of working people.

For the full article: Bligh’s defeat will not taint ‘can do’ Gillard (26 Mar 2012) by Kristina Keneally
The Drum Opinion

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March 24, 2012

Julia Gillard: is she too Successful to satisfy Michelle Grattan

Fairfox‘s own Michelle Grattan, Political editor of The Age, in an opinion piece PM must keep up strike rate made a startling comment in response to the Prime Ministers observation that when it comes to getting something through Parliament, The PM has a better track record of passing, than the media does of predicting failure.

Grattan’s answer to that:

On substantive matters that is true. In the past parliamentary fortnight, for example, not only has the mining tax passed but legislation for the health insurance rebate means test, new watchdog arrangements for the building and construction industry, tougher regulation of the trucking industry to improve road safety and a better deal for workers in the textile, clothing and footwear industry.

Really, Ms Grattan?

No, really?

According to Grattan, the Prime Ministers biggest problem is she is too successful? On substantive matters?

Perhaps Ms Grattan would prefer Prime Minister Gillard to be victorious in less-substantive matters? Or would Ms Grattan prefer the Prime Minister to be less-successful in all matters?

Is this what the political journalists in this country have been reduced to – complaining about the Prime Ministers success in substantive matters.

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quote: PM must keep up strike rate: Michelle Grattan, 23 March, 2012