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April 13, 2012

Tony Abbott Has A New Strategy – One Word Slogans

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So, Abbott’s given up on three word slogans. Now he has ‘one word repeated three times’ slogans. #Fail. #AusPol

Perhaps there is a reason that Tony Abbott relies on 3-word slogans, if you have ever seen him interviewed or doorstopped, without a script in front of him, he can barely string a sentence together.

As this this report from Paul Bongiorno shows when Abbott was surprise-interviewed by a channel 7 reporter, Abbott could barely answer. Described as being lost for words and struggling to retain his cool, might be generous, it seems that Abbott is completely unable to form a coherent sentence.

Abbott is like an actor, without a script, there is very little – now that is the real Tony.

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April 9, 2012

A piece of Murdoch merde – Lovefest For Abbott’s Homophobia and Family Values… or just more Spin and Lies.

Close to home: what Tony Abbott’s family taught him about gay relationships hidden behind The Australian‘s paywall, we only have the first two paragraphs to go on, but that is more than enough. Clearly this nausea-inducing sycophancy is what the editors of ‘The Oz’ believe will appeal to their readers, or lure in new subscribers.

Written by Kate Legge (wife of Greg Hywood, CEO of FairFox media), in two paragraphs, gushes over Tony Abbott. It is almost as if there is a competition with Mischa Schubert (see: Abbotts Great Big New Nanny Giveaway), fan-girling over Abbott, as if he was all the members of One Direction and Justin Beiber rolled into one.

Tony Abbott is on record as saying he feels threatened by gay people. In 2010 during an interview with 60 Minutes, Abbott said I probably feel a bit threatened, as so many people do. It’s a fact of life. and although Abbott defended those comments the potential prime minister was living in a 1950s world [and] said his earlier comment had been spontaneous There is no doubt that (homosexuality) challenges, if you like, orthodox notions of the right order of things, he told ABC TV. Yes, because that makes the threatened comment so much better.

However, much like his sudden understanding of working women in wanting to provide nannies for the wealthy, followed closely with saying Prime Minister Julia Gillard has a target on her forehead and commenting on her body shape, Abbott’s words about compassion and support (Legge) for his sister, is at odds with his complete lack of compassion and lack of support for any other gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex person.

With the wonders of modern medicine – or perhaps spin doctors – Abbott’s homophobia is cured Although Abbott felt threatened and felt that there was something not right about gay people only two years ago, but now, with the wonders of modern medicine – or perhaps spin doctors – Abbott’s homophobia is cured, his compassion for gay people is boundless. His road to Damascus conversion is miraculous. We know better, if we just wait a week or two, Abbott will say something, off-the-cuff that he will later apologise for.

Saying something spontaneously, that he didn’t mean, then apologising, is par-for-course when it comes to Abbott. Tony Abbott’s admission that not everything he says off-the-cuff is the gospel truth… [and that] … that voters should not believe every pledge he makes unless it is written down as the gospel truthin the heat of discussion he sometimes went further with a promise than he should. Quizzed about his broken promise not to increase taxes, Mr Abbott said sometimes absolute weight could be placed on what is said and other times it was just the give and take of standard conversationyou go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remark (source of all quotes: here) – How many different ways can someone avoid saying I Am A Liar, without using those words?

So what does that mean for Tony’s new found compassion and support for his lesbian sister. Without reading the rest of the article, I cannot say, but anyone who has followed Mr Abbott’s career would have to doubt Mr-Family-Values has had a change of heart. The Opposition Leader is a traditionalist who believes marriage is for men and women. [Abbott’s sister] is committed to a live-in relationship with her partner/q> (Legge). So perhaps Abbott is compassionate and supportive, he just does not believe his sister is entitled to the exact same rights that Abbott enjoys, as a good, traditional family man.

So what kind of family values does Abbott expose? What are these family values that Abbott thinks are only available to straight couples?

When Abbott was 19, his girlfriend became pregnant and believed Abbott to be the biological father. The couple did not marry and put the child up for adoption. For 27 years, Abbott believed that he fathered this child.

So traditional, so family-values!

I cannot know what The Australian article says, perhaps it is using Abbott’s love for his sister to defend his anti-marriage-equality views, much the same way we hear racists say I can’t be racist, my maid is Asian. Being compassionate to one gay person does not negate Abbott’s desire to see other gay and lesbian couples refused their human rights.

One last point I would like to raise… why are we hearing about this now? Is this more spin from Murdoch in their attempt to humanise Abbott? Or, is Abbott exploiting his gay sister for political point scoring? Was it true that Abbott pressured the media to drop stories about his sister until it became useful for him? Or, has Abbott’s sister finally gone public for her own reasons?

None of this matters, what Tony Abbott’s sister does is her own business, and she should not have to be in the public spotlight, unless she wants to be. But this whole thing feels like just more breathless worshipping from the Liberal National spin machine, also known as the Murdoch Media

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April 6, 2012

Corruption, Theft, Incompetence, and Law Breaking in the Liberal Nationals

This is an old piece written by Senator John Faulkner (of NSW), from 2006 – but the incompetence and failures of the current Opposition – which was the government at the time the piece was written. The Howard Government may be gone, but some of the same people are still in parliament, and the hypocrisy does not go away.

Government Accountability – The Senate
Senator the Hon John Faulkner
Labor Senator for NSW
The Senate
2 March 2006

To this list can be added Mary Jo Fisher, current LNP senator from South Australia – shoplifter and security guard assaulter

And the Victorian LNP – who wants a corruption watchdog, but wants politicians exempt for any possible corruption (Victoria’s Liberal-National Politicians Exempt Themselves From Corruption Commission)

Then there is Hajnal Black, somehow over a million dollars of her clients money ended up in her bank account, she is a conservative from Queensland.

While not illegal, let’s also remember the Liberal from South Australia who told a female Senator she should be put down (South Australia, this man represents you: “You Should Be Put Down” MP Pengilly)

At the end of Faulkners very long list, he concludes:

Of course, all these sins mean nothing to the Howard government. After all, how can it repent what it cannot recall? This government, and its hand-picked sycophants, suffers from the worst case of collective amnesia in medical and political history. What are the bywords of the Howard government? ‘I cannot recall,’ ‘I don’t recollect,’ ‘I wasn’t informed,’ ‘I can’t remember,’ ‘I have no recollection of that.’

read more

These are the people who talk about JuLiar and about Craig Thompson, who has NOT been found guilty of any crime.

a big thank you to @davidbewart for this link

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oh, and I must add – ALLEGEDLY for all of this

April 3, 2012

The Many Faces Of Tony Abbott (video)

Set to the music of Bo Diddley’s I’m A Man, the video highlights all the many professions that Tony has thrown his hand at. All in an attempt to prove his manhood.

Gotta say, anyone that tries that hard to convince you of his masculinity, well…

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April 1, 2012

How To Tell When Tony Abbott Is Lying? He Promises Something (video)

Watch Tiny Abbott squire as Kerry O’Brien asks him a simple question – “how can voters know when Abbott is telling the truth?”, Abbott can’t even give a straight answer to that.

Abbott ties himself in so many knots trying to avoid answering, it would take him a week to untangle himself

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March 31, 2012

No one believes Tony Abbott, not even his own ministers

Tony Abbott’s $2 billion a year Great Big New Nanny Give-away, that only the very wealthy would qualify for, is an election stunt. One that he has no intentions of following through with.

Working women and the aspirationals would not likely have qualified for the taxpayer-subsidised Nanny anyway. So the only group likely to be affected by a dumped promise are the wealthy, who possibly would continue to vote Liberal National regardless of how many non-core promises fall by the wayside.

And – as Kate Ellis, Federal Member for Adelaide (Minister for Employment Participation, Minister for Early Childhood and Child Care) has tweeted, not even Liberal Nationals believe in Abbott’s promises any more.

text of tweet from Kate Ellis:Lib MP on Abbott’s nanny subsidies, “No one really thinks we’re going to do it. It’s just part of the appeal to women”. Lenore Taylor in SMN

The article referred to by Minister Ellis is Nanny rebate would cost $2b, Lenore Taylor, 31 Mar 2012

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March 31, 2012

Zombie Work Choices – dead, buried, cremated – returns to life?

text of tweet: Spain – after decades of unionized laws – now turns to WorkChoices to save them


This recent tweet by Queensland MP Andrew Laming, shows that not all Liberal/Nationals have given up on a return of WorkChoices.

Despite Tony Abbott declaring that WorkChoices was dead, buried, cremated, like a zombie-policy – it seems like there will Ministers pushing for it to rise from the dead if there is ever an Abbott government.

If adherents of a Liberal National agenda believe that a country is saved by Work Choices, can it be long before they begin taking about saving Australia.

These people cannot be trusted when it comes to Industrial Relations policy.

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March 28, 2012

Could You Live On $35 A Day? You will do well under Abbott’s work choices

$35 a day, or $243 per week, is the Newstart Allowance.

There is already rumblings growing louder among Liberal National supporters about limiting the Newstart allowance to a set number of weeks (the original 99% – the 99 weeks of unemployment benefits), as they do in the USA, because that system has apparently been so successful for the United States jobs growth.

Reducing access to government assistance for the worse off while expanding taxpayer funded government benefits to the upper middle class and wealth does not make sense. This will not improve under an Abbott Government. After all, the funding for the Nannies For The Wealthy has to come from somewhere.

If you work, even 1 hour of paid work in a fortnight, you are assessed as being no longer unemployed. Not many people could feed their families on the pay from one hour work.

Next time a business shuts down and takes it jobs offshore, or the governments end public waste, that is someone’s job that has just been abolished.

Think these people don’t deserve assistance? Consider these facts, as pointed out by ACOSS (Australian Council Of Social Service):

Far from the stereotype of a ‘lazy dole bludger’, most of the 575,000 people on Newstart Allowance are actually among the most disadvantaged people in Australia.

1 in 3 are over 45 years of age
1 in 6 have been assessed as only able to work part time due to a disability, including mental illness
1 in 10 are from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds
1 in 15 is a sole parent, needing affordable child care services and a job with family friendly hours
2 out of every 5 recipients has less than Year 12 qualifications
60% have received unemployment payments for over a year, and 25% for over 3 years
Source: Acoss

And with 50% of the tax base in this country coming from PAYE workers, when the work force shrinks so does the revenue that goes to government – the result is services get slashed. Cutting Newstart will not get people back into employment, it will only further increase their poverty, further reducing their chances of finding paid employment.

Supporting people until they find work provides benefits to entire communities, as it increases the money they spend in their local area, which helps small and local businesses.

oh how will the nation be able to afford private nannies if there is no one paying their taxes?

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March 25, 2012

She’s got Style, She’s got flair… She’s Got A Taxpayer Subsidy: Abbotts Great Big New Nanny Giveaway

Coming to an upper class suburb – pardon me: enclave, gated community, village, never a suburb – near you.

Abbott is giving away Nannies.

Well, actually no, Ms Crabb, I may not know as much about politics as you, but I do know one thing:
Taxpayers foot the bill, not the Leader (for now) Of The Opposition

But, let’s backtrack and see what Ms Crabb is talking about.

Tony Abbott’s new I understand women policy, discussed here Now for Abbott’s nanny state, by Stephanie Peatling in the Sydney Morning Herald, 25 Mar 2012 and here Abbott’s change of heart (25 Mar 2012: The Age) opinion piece from Misha Schubert.

Firstly, hands up who believes there is a change of heart? No it’s not, it’s a continuation of Neo-Con policy of transferring the cost of lifestyle of the ultra rich onto the working poor. It is exactly what the tiny black hearts of Neo-Cons do, treating working people as useful only as ATMs for the rich.

Mischa Schubert calls this generosity of spirit. Generous? It is just a promise – I could promise to give every Australian a million dollars, but until I come through on that, it is meaningless. It is an empty promise. A non-core, never-ever type of promise.

Schubert proceeds her fan-girling love-letter to Abbott style prose, with for a man who is meant to have a problem with women, Tony Abbott sure acts like one when managing his calorie intake. In an example of blatant gender-stereotyping of male-behaviours Vrs female behaviours, more suited to the How to be a Good Housewife manuals of the 1950s than a newspaper in 2012.

Although, not being of the right-wing, I’m not quite sure I understand what Tony Abbott is going for here. It cannot possibly be socialism, could it. Government funding the private lifestyle choices of a select few. Government hand-outs? Surely not! It is a luxury, and one that no government has the business to be funding. Giving child care tax breaks to those who can already afford it, and afford it comfortably, is the same kind of socialism that the Neo-Cons of the right scoff at when it comes to providing subsistence-benefits payments to the unemployed or single teen mothers.

Why is Tiny Abbott doing this, as Schubert says He wants you to know he’s evolved.

This whole sit down interview feels more like Opposition spin, in an attempt to convince female voters to forget his Get-Back-To-The-Kitchen attitude, this is a new Tony, he promises. What? Another one? How many New Tony’s are there? and, how many more will we see before the next election?

Abbott claims that he now understands working mothers. Really? Empathy that has failed to move him for fifty-something years, and surprise-surprise overnight he wakes up with a heart… change, in his perceptions of women. Compassion that had eluded him while his own wife raised their children, and he suddenly finds it only days after making allusions of enacting violence against the female prime minister.

Abbott says:

Abbott insists his full-pay parental leave scheme sits squarely with conservative philosophy. I think a very strong ‘conservative’ case can be made for it because the most conservative thing anyone can do is have a family, and far too many bright, modern women have no children, or fewer children than they would like, because it is just too difficult given the necessities or complexities of modern life.
Source: here

Perhaps Mr Abbott could have a quiet word to Julie Bishop, his Deputy, about her lack of children.

But, I have a question for Mr Sensitive New Age Man – what about gay and lesbian families? You say it is a true conservative value to have a family, yet you refuse to allow the members of your party a conscience vote on whether to legally recognise marriage equality.

Some families are more family than others?

But why is the lifestyle choices of parents being subsidised by the taxpayers, many of whom have no children. This so-called policy is a continuation of the Liberals Nationals belief that taypayers must fund the private health care of the rich, the private schools of the rich, the private hospitals of the rich. This is not a policy aimed at improving the lives of all women, just the wealthy.

It’s the Liberal way. It is not a cost-of-living issue, this is a lifestyle issue. Funded by taxpayers. But we must preserve their Right To Choose! For the rich, the right-to-choose is another way of saying, transfer the paying the bills onto someone else. It is about the wealthy and their freedom of choice, but, for the poor it’s about their right to continue paying for it from their PAYE, or… no, PAYE taxpayers have no options.

And, does Australia have enough qualified child carers to cater for this policy?
Perhaps Abbott plans to import skilled migrants, in order to provide these nannies. There must be Third World workers waiting for visas to fill this role. As long as they don’t arrive by boat, come on in. More importantly, will Abbott face the same scrutiny he levelled at Minister Garrett over the pink-batts scheme if one of these nannies does harm to one of their clients?

Will these nannies by paid a fair wage?
The poverty line in India has been reclassified as 44 cents a day India govt. accused of concealing poverty by lowering poverty line to 44 cents per day, surely there are some people in this country willing to work for 45 cents a day.

Will the nannies be on work-choices-wages?
Since nannies don’t contribute to the national economy to the same extent as tax-minimising mining multi-nationals, do these nannies even deserve a full wage

Simply more middle class welfare, after all someone else has to pay for all those babies brought into the world for their parents to qualify for Costello’s middle class baby-bonus. Will the nannies by mean-tested? Can multi-millionaires claim this?

Where will the money to fund this policy come from? Unlike Annabel Crabb, I seriously doubt that Tony Abbott will be paying for it. So the money will have to be found somewhere? You can’t maintain a budget surplus otherwise – services to the the disadvantaged, the working-poor, the aged, they may have to have their budgets trimmed.

Are the faceless billionaires in this country in such desperate dire-straits that they need the taxpayer to step in and financially looking after their offspring? If so, then perhaps this is a situation best dealt with by children’s services and not throwing more taxpayer money at it.

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March 23, 2012

Why is counting to 14 so difficult for The ABC?

Rob Borbidge served as the 35th Premier of Queensland and leader National Party. His premiership lasted from 20 February 1996 – 26 June 1998.

So for the numerically challenged in the ABC – if you take away 1998 (when a National last led government) from 2012 (the year we are currently in) you are left with 14. That is, it has been only 14 years since Labor were in Opposition, not 20 years, not 23 years.

Why does the ABC Brisbane have such trouble counting beyond 10? Their number doesn’t even match with the Liberal Nationals estimate of 20 years they claim Labor have been in power, which is what the LNP are running in their political ads.

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