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April 28, 2013

Give A Man A Newspaper, and he can Overthrow Governments – by Penny Carter

We have all seen this quote:

But now, there is this:

text of images: Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank.
Give a man a bank, he can rob the world.

Give a man a newspaper and he can overthrow governments.

While the rest of us wait 4 years to cast our ballots, to choose governments, to have our say in democracy; the rich and powerful play by different rules.

They print front page headlines and entire governments can change. One person – One vote is meaningless when a headline in a neo-conservative newspaper can have more influence over the way the government runs, than every single voter who casts their ballot on election day.

Right now, Murdoch wants Labor and the Greens out of power, and their grubby headlines and their grubby puppets (for example Abbott’s homophobic innuendo against Slipper based on nothing more concrete than allegations) will say anything to make that happen.

News Limited will not stop until Tony Abbott is Prime Minister. News Ltd writers say that democracy is not sustainable, and they prove that every day, when a foreign billionaire (R Murdoch) has more power than every voting Australian.

Further reading: Rupert Murdoch’s war on Democracy… it is ‘not sustainable’ and interferes with his ability to make money

April 15, 2012

Best Picture Of Tony Abbott Ever

image: Fairfax
Tony Abbott’s press conference, the same time Bob Brown announced his retirement on Fri 13 apr 2012

And we will all finally answer that big philosophical question that has plague philosophers for generations…

If Tony Abbott calls a press conference and nobody is there, does Tony Abbott still say stuff?

April 2, 2012

IPA Run The Country, Some At ‘Limited News’ Seem To Think So

text of image: Apparently the IPA’s James Patterson saying something now means “officials says”. Seriously, lift your f*cking game.

The IPA is a right-wing think tank, who seem to be given an extraordinarily large amount of time to push their agenda on the supposedly balanced ABC. No we know why, apparently they run the country.

And from @lynlinking (who blogs at The Political Sword)

Managing editor David Donovan completes the final part of this research into ABC Q&A programme by looking at the way it is emblematic of the ABC as a whole, in the way it creates false debate on non-controversial issues, while stifling debate about issues that are truly important.

The ABC’s false balance

The ABC protected IPA

An ABC QandA adventure in false balance

text of tweet from @beneltham
Notice the IPA has had a go at Flannery’s “taxpayer-funded” salary. When will the IPA renounce its own tax deductible status?

text of reply from @senatormilne – Christine Milne (Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Senator for Tasmania)
When will the IPA be upfront about which companies and individuals fund it?

But the question must be asked: Since the IPA benefits from public funding, surely they should be left to the mercy of the free market? After all, accepting government handouts would be socialism.

text by @redglitterx
additional text by @GrogsGamut, @beneltham, @senatormilne, @lynlinking
I suspect that the image of the fox/abc logo will be removed soon for infringement of copyright or trademark logo, if you like it, and want to keep it, take it

April 2, 2012

Art – without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad

quote by Albert Camus: A free press can, of course, be good or bad, but, most certainly without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad.
photo of Sydney from Redfern in background by @jot_au

March 23, 2012

Art – newspapers will have you loving the oppressor

text of image:

If you are not careful the newspapers will have you hating the oppressed and loving the oppressors Malcolm X

March 22, 2012

Why Independent Media Must Survive by Mary Kostakidis

Veteran and well-respected Australian journalist, Mary Kostakidis writing in the New Matilda, talks about the importance of Independent Media

This is an extract from that piece, for the full story, click on the link: Why Independent Media Must Survive

But the internet has proven to be the greatest tool of democratisation in history. Independent online media have provided vital diversity by both broadening the agenda of matters of public importance and offering a forum for alternative points of view.

Rapid uptake of new technology has also provided a strong capacity for citizen activism, enabling people around the world to rally around values. Their concerns and aspirations are often articulated best by independent media.

But independent media can only survive if they are backed by their stakeholders. If not, they will fold.

additional text by @redglitterx

March 19, 2012

There Comes A Time

There comes a time when we know that we just can’t take it anymore and that we just have to DO something. We can no longer sit idly by (very idle in my case) and observe the deterioration of our democratic processes without speaking out and taking some action to protest what we see as destructive forces in our society.

There are very real threats and are of great concern to a growing number of thinking Australians.

The corruption of the Fourth Estate, or Media, is to the point where it can no longer be trusted to disseminate information required by the population to make informed electoral decisions.

For this reason Red and I decided to set up an information portal to collate and disseminate information relating to Australian politics. The left has a plurality of ideas and potential solutions to problems.

We are a patchwork coat but we shouldn’t argue over whether there should be a zip or buttons on our red and green coat. We must stay a united force with a variety of views. The main goal is to fight modern conservative ideology and halt the corruption of our media and institutions, such as the ABC.

We must develop strategic plans to win back the working class and expose the LNP for the bogus frauds that they are. We need a platform for the left to have a louder voice and counter the cacophony from the right.

A new estate is needed to encourage critical thinking, apply proper scrutiny and hold government, corporations and media accountable. Let’s enlighten more people pay attention to the important events and issues and embolden them to turn left in 2013.

I’m not going down without a fight.