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March 29, 2012

How One Greens Supporter Sees Labor’s Recent Performance

Guest post by @greenat15, a proud Greens member (who has recently changed his handle to @greenat16)

Pondscum, what’s with that?

When I was on a recent walk, in lovely Sydney, I came across a billabong, a little stretch of water that was filled with an algal bloom – do we want for a better word than Pondscum?

I see many similarities with that primitive form of life and a certain political party. I see them both attempt to cling onto life when they are facing immense pressure to throw in the towel and give it all up. I see them both being tiny specs on the landscape, and I see them both refusing to move, refusing to adapt, refusing to change.

The Australian people hold much anger towards the Labor party, why? Because they are the same old stagnant rot that refuses to change, that recycles bad policy, bad leaders and bad ideas.

I am a 15 year old student, what does he know about politics? who is he? he can’t even vote! Well I have been involved in politics for over half my life, I live and breathe politics, I am not in the Labor party, but I am in NSW, I have seen what NSW Labor has done to this state and it ain’t good.

It’s understandable that the people are upset with Labor. It’s understandable that the Labor brand is dying. It’s true that Australians hate political domination, towards the end of Howards reign there was total Labor domination in each state and territory

Then there was the Ruddslide. The inevitable win from federal Labor, a win that was theirs for the taking but with that win came the inevitable loss of the states – Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and finally Queensland… Gone.

Gone, because the labor governments in those states took the people for granted, they raped the land and absorbed money from the highest bidder. They had to go, and Gillard’s leadership tussle gave the people the ultimate excuse for Labor’s removal.

Gillard and the faceless factional cronies (I’m looking at you Shoppos) signed the death warrant for the Labor party across Australia, they came, they soared and they gored – relegated to facing a government of 72 seats.

State Labor has also done much to ensure that they won’t partake in a big win for a long time, let’s take NSW as an example: they had countless MPs referred to the Corruption Watchdog, they had sex scandals, they had Ministers who announced things that knew they could not deliver on; that’s where the rot comes from.

NSW is the home of the gangrenous Labor limbs, heck, we even had a name for it The NSW Disease.

The recent Queensland elections further demonstrated the publics hate for the Labor Party, they were like a sponge (well, maybe that’s not a good metaphor considering the floods they had recently), they filled the Parliament with MPs that loved asset sales and then when it came to the March 24th election they were squeezed into oblivion, their water soul was shattered into a volleyball team of MPs.

The public hate the Labor party, but it is the Labor Party itself that is to blame for the death of the Labor party…

Opinions are those of @greenat16, and do not, necessarily, reflect those of TurnLeft.

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March 29, 2012

Victoria’s Liberal-National Politicians Exempt Themselves From Corruption Commission

Victoria’s Baillieu government hunt for a head of its anti-corruption commission hit a snag, when no one who had been approached wanted to be part of it

Unlike other Australian anti-corruption bodies, the bill establishing the Victorian body requires corruption to be an indictable offence, which would preclude investigation of areas such as misconduct in public office or conflicts of interest. And unlike the NSW body, on which the government said it would model its commission, the Victorian body cannot probe whether MPs are breaching their codes of conduct.
Source: State’s hunt for anti-corruption chief falters

One of the people on the 4-person panel searching for candidates was former NSW premier John Fahey, so that means, a former politicians is going to be choosing someone to head a committee that investigates corruption in which politicians are exempt.

Surely exempting yourself from a Corruption Commission would just be temptation – for others to look for reasons to accuse someone of corruption, knowing that no matter how corrupt the actions, a politician would be untouchable.

Not suggesting any actual wrong doing, because quite honestly what Baillieu does, it just does not interest me enough to investigate, or even google, whether he is breaking any election promises, I am simply commenting on how it LOOKS, and it doesn’t look good.

For more on this: The Age

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March 26, 2012

200 broken promises in just one year – that’s Liberal National government

in New South Wales

Source: NSWLabor: