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April 4, 2012

Workers pay the penalty for one-way flexibility: The Ross Gittins Article Everyone Is Talking About

Ross Gittins, is The Sydney Morning Herald’s Economics Editor, has a piece in todays edition Workers pay the penalty for one-way flexibility

Often when politicians talk about reforms, they mean economic reforms, and they are rarely in the best interests of the workers, their families or the communities. The Work Choices elections should have taught us that, when ever big business wants to make working conditions more flexible, it usually means for them, and not the employees.

Now, big business in Australia is rushing headlong into eliminating all meaning from the weekend although, and we can celebrate being a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week society, where no one ever gets a break.

Here is part of what Gittins had to say in that article:

This is a classic case of business people, economists and politicians urging on us a mentality that prioritises the economic – the material – over the other dimensions of our lives. Yet again, no one pauses to ask what these reforms will do to our relationships.

Why is it the politicians who bang on most about the sanctity of The Family are also those most inclined to make family life more difficult?

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April 2, 2012

Working Families Versus The Rest Of Society

If you ever listen to politicians speak, when ever they do something it is for working families, when ever there is a budget crisis, it is always in terms of how it will impact working families, sometimes it seems like politicians could care less about retirees, child-free couples or singles, students or those out of work.

This privileging of working families, lavishing all the benefits of a booming economy on tax breaks for working families, or concern only about working families, diminishes the contribution of all other demographics.

What is says, albeit subtly is,: if you’re not producing children or in paid employment, you are of less value to the country.

So don’t get old, don’t get sick or injured, have lots of babies, and one day you too could rise to the exalted status of being part of a working family.

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March 23, 2012

Will Gender Equality Be A Factor In The Queensland Elections?

ALP proportion of women MPs: 49%. LNP women candidates: 17.9%

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Emily’s Lists supports candidate that embody these principles: Equity, Childcare, Equal Pay, Diversity, Choice

Their website Emily’s List Australia features 10 candidate during this election, with more information available on the website.

Clicking on candidates name will take you directly to their information page at Emily’s List Australia.

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