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April 21, 2012

QLD: being female is now considered a disability, and the war on women continues

The Right-wing war on woman has taken a strange new turn. Being female is now considered a disability… or perhaps walking baby factories.

Thank You Campy Newman, I never realised.

Campbell Newman, probably saving about $3 on his budget has abolished the Minister for Women
The Office of Women will now fall within the responsibilities for the Minister for Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

text of image: Hello Boss, sorry can’t come in to work today, still a woman

What this is saying, by conflating women’s issues with child safety, reduces woman in importance from being fully-functioning human beings, to important only because of their ability to produce children.

Either that or being a woman is a disability, which says that being a woman is less than, a disabled male, a deviation from normal (ie male), impaired, deprived. (euphemisms for disabled via wikipedia, and do not reflect Turn Left’s view, but how this move can be interpreted by the electorate).

And to all those women who voted for the Liberal Nationals – you reap what you sow.

March 29, 2012

How One Greens Supporter Sees Labor’s Recent Performance

Guest post by @greenat15, a proud Greens member (who has recently changed his handle to @greenat16)

Pondscum, what’s with that?

When I was on a recent walk, in lovely Sydney, I came across a billabong, a little stretch of water that was filled with an algal bloom – do we want for a better word than Pondscum?

I see many similarities with that primitive form of life and a certain political party. I see them both attempt to cling onto life when they are facing immense pressure to throw in the towel and give it all up. I see them both being tiny specs on the landscape, and I see them both refusing to move, refusing to adapt, refusing to change.

The Australian people hold much anger towards the Labor party, why? Because they are the same old stagnant rot that refuses to change, that recycles bad policy, bad leaders and bad ideas.

I am a 15 year old student, what does he know about politics? who is he? he can’t even vote! Well I have been involved in politics for over half my life, I live and breathe politics, I am not in the Labor party, but I am in NSW, I have seen what NSW Labor has done to this state and it ain’t good.

It’s understandable that the people are upset with Labor. It’s understandable that the Labor brand is dying. It’s true that Australians hate political domination, towards the end of Howards reign there was total Labor domination in each state and territory

Then there was the Ruddslide. The inevitable win from federal Labor, a win that was theirs for the taking but with that win came the inevitable loss of the states – Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and finally Queensland… Gone.

Gone, because the labor governments in those states took the people for granted, they raped the land and absorbed money from the highest bidder. They had to go, and Gillard’s leadership tussle gave the people the ultimate excuse for Labor’s removal.

Gillard and the faceless factional cronies (I’m looking at you Shoppos) signed the death warrant for the Labor party across Australia, they came, they soared and they gored – relegated to facing a government of 72 seats.

State Labor has also done much to ensure that they won’t partake in a big win for a long time, let’s take NSW as an example: they had countless MPs referred to the Corruption Watchdog, they had sex scandals, they had Ministers who announced things that knew they could not deliver on; that’s where the rot comes from.

NSW is the home of the gangrenous Labor limbs, heck, we even had a name for it The NSW Disease.

The recent Queensland elections further demonstrated the publics hate for the Labor Party, they were like a sponge (well, maybe that’s not a good metaphor considering the floods they had recently), they filled the Parliament with MPs that loved asset sales and then when it came to the March 24th election they were squeezed into oblivion, their water soul was shattered into a volleyball team of MPs.

The public hate the Labor party, but it is the Labor Party itself that is to blame for the death of the Labor party…

Opinions are those of @greenat16, and do not, necessarily, reflect those of TurnLeft.

Thank You for your post

March 27, 2012

Kristina Keneally: Bligh’s defeat will not taint ‘can do’ Gillard

Kristina Keneally, MP and former NSW Premier, writing in the Drum, takes a look at the Bligh governments campaign in Queensland, in comparison with the Keneally governments campaign in the 2011.

Both elections were fought on state issues entirely. Abbott fancifully tried to interpret federal issues in the results in NSW: no-one bought it then, no-one is buying it in Queensland now.

There will be lots of commentary about the Queensland result. Greater party democracy, increased party membership, and internal reform will be put forward as the way back to electoral relevance in Queensland, NSW and nationally. I’m not opposed to doing those things. But, as Julia Gillard is determinedly demonstrating, there’s no better way to raise the value of the Labor brand than to consistently deliver on Labor’s core promise: we are the party that delivers the policies and services to improve the lives of working people.

For the full article: Bligh’s defeat will not taint ‘can do’ Gillard (26 Mar 2012) by Kristina Keneally
The Drum Opinion

image used for illustrative purposes and is no way meant to suggest the copyright holder or Kristina Keneally in anyway endorse the contents of this post
by @redglitterx
quote by Kristina Keneally, writing for the Drum

March 26, 2012

Tweets Of The Week – Queenslands New Democracy 26/03/2012

Two tweets of the week, both dealing with the Queensland election. The first is election victory, the second is the unbiased way the media in the rest of the country reacts to the change in government.

images of tweets, used for illustrative purposes and is no way meant to suggest the tweeters in anyway endorse the contents of this post
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March 25, 2012

QLD Election Blowback, this times it’s personal.

On March 24 2012 , the Word FUCK was heard around the world – QLD Election Blowback, this times it’s personal. by Delon de Circle en Rouge

One day you’re in power for 20 years dragging the state into the 21st Century and the next …Labor {is} falling short of official party status and relying on the incoming LNP government to grant it party offices, staff and resources* with only 6 seat won.

The blame lies with Anna Bligh and the Labor Party campaign. Anyone who had the sickening misfortune to watch the mawkish self-pity of Anna Bligh concede defeat before Saturday, can watch this and tell me would you vote, let alone volunteer to hand out How-To-Vote cards and campaign for our ALP cause, if you saw this video?

Campbell Newman didn’t win this election, nobody likes a smug millionaire with a chip on his shoulder. Although to be fair, a leader he is, much more so than Anna Bligh, and he managed to galvanise a talentless and listless bunch of LNP candidates from the reject shop. Whether they’ll be able to support his ‘vision’ remains to be seen.

ALP strategists should be immediately fired. They stuffed up our NSW campaign and completely fucked up our QLD one. Clearly a bold consistent message wasn’t in their planning. You can argue that Bligh broke plenty a promise; but you can argue that all politicians renege on promises when world reality collides with policy.

Time for a new strategy and strategists. Time for new leaders. Time for aggressive progressive policies. Time to Act. Time to bring in new and youthful ideas and enthusiasm. Time to destroy the left/right paradigm and deliver a more pertinent message one of which is the individual/community vs the Corporations as exemplified by the Occupy Movement. In this way the youth will come to think of ALP as a mainstream progressive political party that listens and not just a moderate Liberal Party that they’re fast becoming.

{edited to add: *source of this quote is behind a paywall – @redglitterx}

March 24, 2012

What Now For Queensland? (post-election)

Time To Power Up The DeLorean, its back to 1955

With a mob of Reich-wing Neo-Con Liberal-Nationals cutting a swathe across this country, and now have the east coast firmly in their fists, not quite firmly, must make room for some brown paper bags from developers, mining company donations and I.O.U’s made out to faceless billionaires… allegedly.

Apparently the only thing holding the Palmer government accountable in Queensland now is the Murdoch media.

But, there is always the ABC – which has recently been dubbed The ABCoaltion – chock full of their left wing bias (Ha!).

Never fear, Queensland, don’t despair Men and Women of Australia, because everyone knows how fair and trust-worthy the Liberal-Nationals are.

And as for honest, oh the LNP is scrupulously honest, if you don’t believe me, just ask some children overboard, also that charming young Tony Fitzgerald might have something to add too.

Although, we might need to remind them occasionally the word is scruples, not screw peoples

Logan, can I ask, what were you thinking, voting in a US Marine (Michael Pucci)? They will be taking over Darwin with their bases, but now you’re giving them power one seat a time. We are truly headed down the path to become the 51st state.

Look forward to years of slashed wages, slashed jobs in the public service, development in environmentally vulnerable areas, mining in rainforests, the whole state will be fracked, well and truly fracked.

If Queensland wants a prediction of their future, take a look at what One Term Barry O’Fail and Ted FailYou have been up to recently – both selling off assets, cutting services, breaking promises.

Give it six months and they will be doing all the things they bashed Labor for doing only worse… at least Labor puts the money back into community.

Promises all over the place will be broken, because, as is standard when there is a change of government the books are in a lot worse shape than they thought

The Liberal Nationals will slash the public sector for a surplus that will look good on paper, but one persons government waste is another persons livelihood. There will be changes in living conditions and a stagnate economy.

There is always mining to fill up the coffers, because we all know how big miners love to pay their taxes. And, it’s not like anyone needs a Great Barrier Reef, or the Rainforests, or the beaches, or healthy kids in suburbs not when there is coal seam gas that could be extracted.

Also, the benefit of lots of sick kiddies, is they stop going to school. Enrolments fall and the land can be sold off cheaply to developers to build subdivisions and McMansions, now if they could only find some land to build a school for all the working families that will be moving in…

Expect three and a bit fun-filled years of gerrymanders, so extreme, you will look back on the Kat In The Hat as the days of stability and sensibility.

Will this be the Coyote Ugly of elections? Will Queensland voters regret their decision in the morning? Time will tell.

This is sarcasm, this is a comment on the lack of accountability of the Qld government due to there being a Unicameral system, No upper house to hold things in check

by @redglitterx and @jot_au

March 23, 2012

Special: Queensland Election Campaigning Wrap Up

Campbell Newman

What can be said about someone who acts like he was born to rule. Well, as the child of two federal ministers (son of Kevin Newman, former Member for Bass and Federal Minister, and Jocelyn Newman, former Senator and Federal Minister) he probably feels entitled to rule over the little people. After all, the only good thing about commoners is they pay tax. He claims to want to represent Ashgrove, yet he doesn’t even want to live there. Way to represent.

Bob Katter

Not actually in this election, though absent enough from Canberra that voters might think so. You can vote for his son, though, if you live in Mount Isa, his son, Rob Katter. It could be the beginning of a beautiful political dynasty, move over North Koreas Dear Leader.

the Straddie Mothers, who also happen to be large miners

Thousands of letters were sent to residents of Ashgrove, from a group that called itself Straddie Mothers warning of what would happen if Labor closed down the sandmining on North Stradbroke Island.
The letters were apparently the work of Sibelco Australia, without lodging its interest with the Queensland Electoral Commission

Anna Bligh

Are Liberal National politicians in Queensland really referring to Anna Bligh as Anna Bligh-ar. One track minds. And usually a form of misdirection, when the Conservatives and Neo-Cons accuse you of something, there is a very good chance that is what are they themselves are up to.

And a question many have wondered: how long before LNP completely fracks QLD?

Election night coverage:

Television – live nationally on ABC News 24 and on ABC1 in Queensland only, from 6pm (Qld time, 7pm AEDT)

Radio – ABC NewsRadio and 612 ABC Brisbane, from 6pm (Qld time), 7pm (AEDT) and audio streamed via 612 ABC Brisbane and NewsRadio websites

Online – streamed live at, the geo-block will be removed, for people overseas, , go to the ABC’s dedicated tumblr: queensland votes, on twitter, follow the tag #qldvotes and follow @antonygreenabc and @abcelections

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March 23, 2012

Why is counting to 14 so difficult for The ABC?

Rob Borbidge served as the 35th Premier of Queensland and leader National Party. His premiership lasted from 20 February 1996 – 26 June 1998.

So for the numerically challenged in the ABC – if you take away 1998 (when a National last led government) from 2012 (the year we are currently in) you are left with 14. That is, it has been only 14 years since Labor were in Opposition, not 20 years, not 23 years.

Why does the ABC Brisbane have such trouble counting beyond 10? Their number doesn’t even match with the Liberal Nationals estimate of 20 years they claim Labor have been in power, which is what the LNP are running in their political ads.

text by @redglitterx

March 23, 2012

Tony ‘Soprano’ Abbott, taking a baseball bat to the Prime Minister

Not content to talk about Prime Minister Gillard and Anthony Albenese having targets on their head, and the Australian public wouldn’t miss, talk of baseball bats being used against the Prime Mininster takes the metaphor even further.

Are these really mis-speaks, or does Tony ‘Soprano’ Abbott really spend all day dreaming of ways in which the Prime Minister can come to physical harm?

Is enacting violence against women something that takes a lot of room in Tony Abbott’s thought processes?

Quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald in a piece about the carbon package (tax), Abbott sought to link Gillard to this weekend’s Queensland election Their baseball bats aren’t there for Anna Bligh, they’re there for this Prime Minister, Abbott cried.’

image of The Sopranos, in no way suggests the owners of the rights to the Sopranos in anyway endorses the contents of this post
text by @redglitterx
digital mischief by @redglitterx
quote attributed to Abbott in this piece may actually be Christopher Pyne: SMH: Carbon tax looms, but soft rally hits the wool


March 23, 2012

Targets On Foreheads and Bullets – is this how the LNP thinks it will take Government?

Tony Abbott wants to talk about targets… I have two words for him: Gabrielle Giffords*

When the man who wishes he was Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, the leader of the Opposition (for now), gets up in question time and uses analogies to shooting people, we must really begin to question whether the country would be safe in his hands.

During Question Time yesterday, Abbott got up and said:
The voters of Queensland, they won’t miss… this Prime Minister [Gillard] and this Leader of the House [Albanese] have got targets on their foreheads.

So, what point was Tony Abbott trying to make?

These comments come at a time which has seen an increasingly easy acceptance in the use of death threats or vague allusions to dying, as a way of dealing with anyone you disagree with (conservative radio host Alan Jones comments against Clover Moore, Bob Brown, Julia Gillard, online trolls against Yumi Stynes).

Apart from the Queensland election being a state matter, and nothing to do with Federal Politics, and that was a long stretch to connect the two, we have already been witness to a willingness of the Queensland Liberal Nationals to use gun and bullet imagery when talking about a change of government.

The Liberal and Nationals of Queensland make the same type of metaphors. This is the image that is being used in the state election of Queensland, for the Liberal Nationals. It clearly shows the flag image that represents the Labor Party, and labelled Queensland Labor shot up with bullet holes.
More here: Mixed Message Strategy of the LNP in Queensland Election.

There is no need to bring not missing targets, and bullet holes into the national debate about leadership, especially when accompanied with talk about changing governments.

We have had a relatively stable political environment in this country, and have not yet experienced the assassinations that other countries experience (the two politicians who have been killed are William Paisley, Burwood Mayor in 1894 and John Newman, State MP for Cabramatta in 1994, both from NSW).

However, I am not suggesting that Tony Abbott was encouraging anyone to do such a thing, it just shows how easily these people slip into using words that deal with violent imagery of political opponents.

Tiny Abbott did later apologise over his remarks, saying I used a metaphor that I regret and I withdraw, and I apologise. He might have said he regrets it, but that idea is still out there.

Who knows if the choices of these words was calculated to appeal to certain voters in Queensland. Perhaps, Tony Abbott mean what he said, a metaphor that he regrets using.

There will be many people, however, who hear the original statement and not the retraction. Which, given the current state of the media in this country and the absolute deafening silence from the television, newspapers and news websites about this statement, it would be simple enough to conclude that editors and news directors around the country agree with the sentiment, or they would be challenging Abbott on his statement.

There has been very little condemnation of Abbott saying these things in the first place. Apparently you can say anything you want, as long as you apologise afterwards.

Tony Abbott you are a despicable little man, who relies on violence and bullying to get what you want.

I regret my previous statement.

Yah this saying stupid things and apologising for it is fun.

All it takes is one angry person who has no one else to blame in their life for everything that has gone wrong to fixate on Prime Minister Gillard, or any number of other people as the cause of their situation. Hearing these references, and seeing these images might lead someone to think that is the way to solve all their problems.

Who is Gabrielle Giffords?
If Tony Abbott does not know the story behind the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords, perhaps someone should enlighten him.
In January 2011, while meeting her constituents, a man shot into a crowd of people, killing six and leaving the Arizona politician Giffords with serious brain damage.
Giffords has been one of ten politicians to watch by Sarah Palins political committee, and used maps with images of cross-hairs to highlight those elections most important to the TEA party campaigns.
Someone took Palin’s cross-hairs seriously.

More here: Abbott sorry for ‘target on forehead’ comment

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