How we can defeat the Right (part 3): Know Your Enemy, in 1 word and 3 sentences

When I ask people why they buy Murdoch papers and subscribe to Murdoch TV and spend all day analysing Murdoch trollumnists and court jesters they will at some point say “Know Thy Enemy”. Just exactly what they learn about thy enemy from the movie packages and sporting channels I do not know.

However, so that you never need to purchase another Murdoch product and further fund his propaganda machine, I have summed up the Right-wing in one word and three easy sentences. It will explain their motivation and predict their next moves.

What is the one word that explains everything about the Right, what they do, what they have done, what they will do?

1 Word

Now for the three sentences that expand on that a little.

Sentence 1
Their greed is unlimited, they wanted everything, all the money, assets, resources, and all the power; in order for them to have everything, you must have nothing.

Maybe I need a longer sentence.

Sentence 2
Everything every Right-wing government and corporation has ever done is about transferring wealth from the poor to the rich (themselves), they will reduce your wages and spending power in order to concentrate the wealth, power, and assets in the hands of the few, and when you have nothing and your wages are $2 a day you will have no ability to defend your rights and assets (private or community) as they are ripped away and given to the already rich.

‘But,’ you say, ‘why would Abbott and his ‘boche’ government do this, the Australian economy was one of the best in the world under the ALP government’.

Sentence 3
Your enemy does not care about you or want what is best for you or Australia, and they never will; the sick will die, the poor will starve, the old will freeze, austerity suicides will rise, and they will never care about you, you are nothing to them, except for your cheap labour and the taxes you will pay to fund their parasitic lifestyle, and they will do and say anything to maintain their wealth, power and assets, and to achieve this they will deliberate crashing the economy means they can bring in austerity which will slash your wages, increase your taxes, and remove your services.

There you go, now you know Your enemy.

Ask most people what they want out of life, and they will probably tell you “to be happy”, ask one of the self-appointed elites, the 1%, and they will tell you “everything”. GREED.

In order for the Right-wing and the 1% to get their hands on your assets and have you working for slave wages the Abbott government will deliberate destroy the economy. It is difficult to convince a happy, prosperous nation to privatise assets and reduce wages while people have a secure, high-income job and can buy what they want.

Austerity means poverty, and with poverty comes fear. For the 1% to continue fueling their wealth and feeding their greed, more and more of the middle class need to be plunged into the worst abject backbreaking poverty. At this point, Abbott and his government (and unelected, faceless men) will “rescue” us, by selling our assets to their mates, reducing our wages, cutting our services, increasing our taxes, “for the greater good”.

People will die, they will go hungry, they will be forced to choose between heating and eating, the old will give up on life, the middle class who have lost everything will commit suicide, the sick will die because health care is an unfunded luxury, the disabled will be allowed to die because we can’t afford it, but, it will be “for the greater good”.

Now, here is the thing, I don’t need to sit around all day studying the Right to work out what motivates them (hint: it’s Greed), or analysing what they have done in order to predict their next move (hint: reduce what you have so they can increase what they have), I just need to see the results of their actions which are destroying people, communities, the environment, jobs, hope, our future and prosperity. The end results tell me what they are doing is wrong and hurting people, who cares why they are doing, it needs to be stopped.

Do the gedankenspiel (thought experiment) – choose any Right-wing politician, any Right-wing media outlet, any Right-wing policy and apply that 1 word and 3 sentences, you will find everything they do fits into that pattern: lowering your wages, increasing their profits and removing your ability to defend your rights as they are stripped away.

Let’s take Gina Rinehart as an example:

If Gina has $100 and I have $1, how much more does Gina want? $1

If Gina has $1000 and I have $10, how much more does Gina want? $10

If Gina has $10,000 and I have $10, how much more does Gina want? $10

If Gina has everything and I have nothing, how much more does Gina want? Everything I will ever have in my future.

The greed is insatiable, it will never be satisfied.

We are not people to Gina, Tony Abbott, Rupert Murdoch, faceless corporations and Right-wing politicians, we are a means to an end, we are no different to them than a machine that can be put to work to create money for them. They want you broke and desperate, that way you will take any scraps they want to hand out ($2 a day wages anyone?), if the government reintroduced slavery, work houses for the poor, and debtors prison they would be happy.

Meanwhile, if you need to keep clicking their links, buying their newspapers, paying for their Foxtell and then spend all day analysing, discussing, examining, dissecting, their Right-wing propaganda, from Right-wing columnists, trollumnists and court jesters, funding their propaganda, don’t kid yourself that you are “knowing thy enemy”, what you are actually doing is Not Knowing Your Friends. The money you are giving to Murdoch to tell you what to think that is money you are not spending on left / centre media, which withers in the darkness. Meanwhile, the Right is becoming even more powerful, and their media is used a weapon for shaping public opinion and steering government policy.

One last thing… how does this help defeat the Right?
As soon as Tony Abbott is no longer useful to Rupert Murdoch, when Abbott starts costing Murdoch money, he is finished.

So, stop funding Rupert Murdoch, refuse to buy his sh!t, don’t give his propaganda more power by talking about what his court jesters say as if what they say is relevant, do not see everything through the Murdoch propaganda filter. If you take away Rupert Murdoch’s money the Right-wing elites will turn on themselves, and they will take their greed will destroy each other.



6 Responses to “How we can defeat the Right (part 3): Know Your Enemy, in 1 word and 3 sentences”

  1. Yes, I believe you are quite correct in this analysis, although reading it through the ideas seem quite scary, I think the logic of your argument is sound. The Abbott led far right catholic conservatives are two steps further right than the John Howard gang, and it is about time the average voter realized just how damaging this can be for themselves and for the country.

    The far right would be happy, as you suggest, for the masses to earn just enough to pay their taxes, and remain in struggle street, while the 1% continue to evade taxes (corporate and personal) and live the high life. Another pointer to their strategy is the plan to make higher education more expensive, and harder to finance. They don’t want the children of the lower paid riff raff to be educated to a level where they could be a threat to their selfish plans.

    Wake up Australia, stop supporting Murdoch and his one sided media outlets, let their fruits die on the vine. Just don’t believe the lies that the right say about your left, and realize that if you are not rich and independent you should support the left of politics for your own survival.

  2. Excellent article.


  3. I think the key word in your post here is “greed”.

    It’s the major motivator of all decisions which drive more and more wealth to the pockets of the few, at the expense of the increasing poor in our community.

    There are many examples of greed, manipulation and control, far too many to bog down on here in this comment.

    Can I just reference one cartoon which maybe typifies the entire scenario . . . . . . . .


  4. Agree with you re the mantra of “know Thy Enemy” as an excuse for buying & subscribing to Murdoch’s crap. There is absolutely no need to help fund his hard right wing agenda, as his prized loud-mouthed opinionistas are almost permanently quartered at the ABC which also uses his hews as their main sources. As does most of the rest of the MSM.

    Am proud to be able to say I have never bought any of Murdoch’s newspapers, magazines nor subscribed to Foxtel. Also happy to have my Murdoch Block extension working away shielding me from his garbage. Haven’t missed it either.

    What really puzzles me is that the insane rush of the right to drag wages down to the lowest they can makes no sense. If workers & pensioners are paid a pittance which leaves them nothing to spend after basics (if they’re lucky) then who is left to buy all the stuff in the shops, etc? We do know the rich would rather not spend their money as they expect everything for free. Next thing we have is a full on Depression. Don’t the right wing understand this. They depend on workers being paid a decent wage to help fund their own plush life-styles. Morons!!


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