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May 8, 2012

Art – Conservatives Are Stupid

Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative. ~ John Stuart Mill

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April 27, 2012

Tony Abbott Must Go – and here is why

Edited to add: 2 May 2012, clearly those people making death threats against the author of this post and owners of this blog are following a link. And not reading any other post. If you did, you would see that all the claims made in this post are backed up with links in other post, so before you start threatening people, I would suggest you click on a few other posts or search for “Abbott” and there you would will see more than enough references for all claims.
And for the genius who said Speedos are a good Aussie company, I don’t believe Speedos are mentioned in this post, and anyway, they are owned by UK’s Pentland Group plc.

There is one theory that Tony Abbott is so unlikeable, even among Right-wing voters, that the longer he stays around the more damage he does to the Liberal-National brand.

There is another theory that Tony Abbott is being used as an attack dog, he might not end up Prime Minister, but he is doing enough damage that with his every attack (with a lot of help from the Murdoch media and #TheirABC), that one day he will achieve his wish of another election.

However, it is now becoming clear that Tony Abbott and his doom-and-gloom, scare mongering is damaging not just the Labor party, but the Australian economy and Australian society.

Abbott is a bully, a misogynist who demeans women at every opportunity and has done so since he was a child, he is xenophobic and prays on peoples fears to incite even more xenophobia and racism in the community.

Abbott uses violent language and vaguely implied threats of violence then says he was only joking or apologises if the media reacts, he is economically incompetent, ethically and morally bankrupt, shows little or no empathy towards anyone, acts like every Australian voter was put on this earth to support him, his lifestyle and career desires.

He has no understanding about the lives of ordinary Australians and anyone who isn’t a white, christian, North Shore Liberal is beneath his contempt. He has a callous disregard for the lives and deaths of the people who sacrifice everything, the death of a soldier in Afghanistan, and according to Tony, well shit happens.

Abbott treats democracy like it is a joke, has little understanding of the Westminster system, cannot balance a budget, does not care about the law, especially when it comes to presumption of innocence, is a Murdoch lackey who will not govern in the best interest of all-Australians, but instead will govern in the best interests of Mining Magnates, faceless billionaires, his mates, the IPA, and Rupert Murdoch, in other words he (appears to act like he) is a puppet, and does not care whose life he ruins as long as the person pulling the strings makes more money, by sucking dry ordinary, hard-working, taxpayers.

This man is dangerous. This man must never be allowed near the Lodge. This man must never be given the chance to be Prime Minister.

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April 24, 2012

Nicola Roxon calling it like it is: Tony Abbott is leading a lynch mob

Paul Bongiorno, a reporter for Channel 10, yesterday gave us Nicola Roxon’s response to what is happening with the Peter Slipper allegations:

text of image: @PaulBongiorno Nicola Roxon says Tony Abbott is leading a lynch mob not the Liberal party.

The demands from Tony Abbott to bring on the election when he has neither policies or costings, show the true reason for the attacks on Peter Slipper.

This is about bringing down the democratically elected government, and Slipper is collateral damage.

Expect the attacks, the nastiness, the spite to get more vicious, and ramped up as the weeks go on, because this current Opposition are so desperate for an election, they won’t stop until they get one.

April 22, 2012

Tony Abbott charged with Indecent Assault – He Must Step Down

With the Liberal Party, and their puppet masters at News Limited baying for the blood of Peter Slipper, it is time to take a second look at the past of the man calling for Slipper to step down – Tony Abbott and his not so innocent past.

The allegations against Slipper – and that is all they are at this stage, allegations – are 9 years old. This is not on the head of PM Gillard. If there was a crime, it happened while Peter Slipper was a member of the Liberal Party, and while he continued to get endorsement election after election.

If News Limited can bring up allegations that are 9 years old, in an attempt to bring down the government, let us look at an incident that is more recent than that.

This story from Michelle Grattan in the Sun-Herald in 2004 Abbott: I was charged with indecent assault, shows that these allegations against Slipper are not about Justice, it is a political witch hunt, by the Murdoch media in a last ditch attempt to force an election before the carbon pricing comes in, in July.

Does anyone think that these allegations would have seen the light of day if Slipper was still a voting member of the Liberal Party?

In his past, Tony Abbott was charged with indecent assault after groping a female activist on the upper part of her leg, and between her legs, while she was on stage in front of an audience of over 200 people debating student unions.

Was this an attempt to humiliate a woman who dared to stand up for something she believed in?

In 2004 Abbott dismissed this as a long time ago… It’s part of the Abbott story – it is not part of the Abbott present – well so what? Allegations against Slipper are also a long time ago, and were covered up by the Liberal party – which surely equals accessory after the fact (or whatever the crime is, I am not a lawyer).

What reason did Abbott give for this shockingly indecent assault on a woman in public? She spoke of him, as Tony Abbott says in a highly critical way, calling me… right wing. So someone speaks badly of Tony Abbott and he thinks a justified response is public indecent assault?

Yes, this may be an old incident, but so are the allegations against Slipper, something the Liberal Party may have suspected, and did nothing for 9 years, so clearly they never thought that they were serious enough. After all, they are simply rumours at this stage.

Abbott here is Not denying the incident took place, he is just saying that it took place in his past. So why does he not apply the same criteria to the allegations against Peter Slipper?

Why is the Liberal Party cover up of any allegations against Slipper while he was a member of the Liberal Party, under both John hoWARd and now Tony Abbott, glossed over by the media?

At what point do we abandoned the premise of presumption of innocence and replace it with Trial By Murdoch Media?

This was not the only criminal incident that has blighted Tony Abbott’s ability to cast stones. He also destroyed public property by damaging a street sign, but fortunately for him, not the street sign, no conviction recorded.

(If you think, so what? this is old, my response is twofold – one, it gives an indication of how Tony Abbott treats people who challenge him; and two, if Slipper is going to be targeted by News Limited, and Abbott for allegations that are almost a decade old, why stop there, why not go a little further and drag up every incident of someone’s past.)

This man is a menace to women, public property, decency. He must stand down.

It is time someone else in the Liberal Party step up.

image from The Age

direct quotes: Abbott: I was charged with indecent assault, Michelle Grattan, 2004, Sun Herald
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April 14, 2012

Flashback – Penny Wong stands strong against LibNat insults (video)

In May 2011, during a senate committee hearing, Penny Wong was meowed at by Coalition Senator David Bushby (Liberal Senator for Tasmania). Wong did not let that slide, her response:

You meow when a woman does that … that’s a good idea. It is just extraordinary. The blokes are allowed to yell but if a woman stands her ground you want to make that kind of comment. It’s sort of schoolyard politics, mate.

April 11, 2012

Tasmania, meet the Liberal Senator who doesn’t care if he kills you

Hello Tasmania, have you met Stephen Parry? I’m sure you have, you voted him in to the Senate, representing the Liberal Party.

Now, ex-police officer, Parry is the Deputy President of the Senate, and he cares so little about his constituents, that he seems to not care if he kills you or not.

Brave call for a little blog? Perhaps, but there is no other way to describe someone who gets caught drink driving, with a reading of 0.1 during a random breath test.

That is not just irresponsible, not just dodgy, not just a little bit of money ‘accidentally’ falling into the wrong pockets – that is putting your life in danger.

Well done to the Liberal member Stephen Parry.

Oh, and he is sorry I have made a serious error of judgement

… I must add allegedly for everything I have written.

Source: Drink-driving senator loses his licence
Tasmanian senator Stephen Parry sorry for drink driving

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April 3, 2012

Tony Abbott: We are all Israeli … Really? We Are?

The headline on this Jewish News story was taking a quote from Abbott which is further down the page

Tony Abbott as far as I’m concerned, Australians are Israelis. We are all Israelis

In other words, followers of non-Abrahamic religions, atheists, Muslims, Palestinians, Arabs, people of Middle East descent or recent migrants, or just brown people in general – You Will Not Be Welcome In Abbotts Australia.

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additional text by Tony Abbott; quote source:

April 2, 2012

Liberals seek US-style ‘fix’ for seat to block previous candidate’s selection

Despite critics attacking the Labor plan of community consultation, using US-style primaries to choose a candidate, it looks like the Liberals will jump first, in Western Sydney.

The western Sydney seat of Greenway, which is home to many different communities, no longer just the rednecks of stereotypes, previously working-class but now full of aspirationals was won by the Labor candidate by just over 700 votes. Tony Abbott blames these people for him not being Prime Minister.

Michelle Rowland narrowly beat the Liberal candidate, Jayme Diaz, a migration lawyer who arranges visas for clients, also of Filipino descent, for the seat, which is in an area where border security is a sensitive issue, but also home to a large Filipino community.

Diaz also has the backing of the Religious Right, which may prove important in an electorate which is host to the Hillsong pentacostal prosperity-doctrine based church. The member for neighbouring Macquarie, the Liberal Louise Markus, who it seems is on the board of only one organisation, that is Hillsong. So religion, apparently is a factor when choosing candidates for western Sydney seats.

Abbott has found the solution, to the 702 vote loss, and has told the state party that he wants a different candidate.

A Liberal source said: The entire motivation for the discussion in the party around primaries was how do you fix the seat of Greenway. Which shows how hypocritical the Liberals are for attacking Labor for factionalism, when they are engaged in the very same behaviour themselves.

So, why bring in a US-style voting process, the same kind that have been used to mock Labor with as being out of ideas?

a US-style primary in the western Sydney seat of Greenway, one of the electorates Tony Abbott blames for his failure to snatch victory from Labor at the last federal election… will be sold as an experiment in democracy by giving the community a say in the party’s candidate to contest the next federal election.

However, party insiders say it is a calculated bid to prevent the previous candidate, Jayme Diaz, a Blacktown migration lawyer, from running again.

Why would Abbott, personally, champion a selection process that could see Diaz miss out as candidate, especially when he came so close in the previous election – unless Abbott still sees Western Sydney as the badlands populated by migrant-hating rednecks, which would be an outdated stereotype of one of the most ethnically diverse parts of Australia.

Image of Diaz, used without permission from Sydney Morning Herald, because people ask, and because there were no images in the public domain that could be found even after an extensive crawl of the web, forgive me SMH

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additional information from Liberals look to US for seat ‘fix’


March 30, 2012

South Australia, this man represents you: “You Should Be Put Down” MP Pengilly

Liberal MP, Michael Pengilly, (Finniss, South Australia), who once tweeted the words she’s a real dog in reference to PM Gillard, it seems has continued his obsession with dogs.

Yesterday, Pengilly was thrown out of Parliament at the end of a rowdy question time by the Speaker for, allegely, yelling out a slur to the Transport Services Minister, Chloe Fox, why she was trying to explain transport related issues to the parliament.

The words that Pengilly called out were – allegely – you should be put down.

Stay classy, Liberal member for Finniss, stay classy.

And South Australian voters… Pengilly is a risk of losing pre-selection for the Liberals in the 2014 elections.

source: You should be put down, Liberal MP Michael Pengilly tells Transport Services Minister Chloe Fox, AdelaideNow, 29 Mar 2012
text by @redglitterx

March 30, 2012

Extreme Weather Or Mining Magnates, Which Will Liberal Leaders Care About?

Liberal and National politicians across the country are cutting back on programmes designed to help the environment, but have their hand out for Federal – taxpayer – money when it comes to cleaning up after extreme weather events attributed to changing climate.

Barry OFarrell in NSW is cutting back on climate change programmes. Ted Baillieu is slashing renewable energy targets while expanding coal power.

Can-Do Campbell it turns out is Can’t-Do when it comes to protecting the environment. One of his first points of business was the closure of the $430million Queensland Climate Change Fund. Probably one of his second points of business was checking with Clive Palmer, to see if that was acceptable, possibly.

Yet, when it comes to floods, bushfire, cyclones, it is Liberal leaders who have their hands out waiting for Federal funds to aid communities devastated by these natural disasters.

The warning from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change overnight that human actions are leading to more deadly and costly extreme weather events should give Liberal leaders from Tony Abbott to Campbell Newman pause for thought, the Australian Greens said today.

“The climate scientists’ warnings are getting louder, our weather is already getting more extreme, but Tony Abbott, Ted Baillieu, Barry O’Farrell and Campbell Newman are setting out to undermine climate action,” Australian Greens Acting Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.
source: here

One thing that gets forgotten, or obscured when politicians are making decisions that affect our lives – it is not just the environment, the climate, the planet. It is all of ours, it is our planet, not just the faceless billionaires. So turning over the care of the planet to the very people who profit from its destruction does not make much sense, and even less sense is the voters who support those moves.

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