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April 16, 2012

Doug Cameron takes on Liberal Ideological Nonsense Of Class War (video)

If that’s classwarfare, I’m guilty, I’m in it… I plead guilty to that, I’ll always plead guilty to looking after ordinary people in this country.

If it’s Gina Rinehart, or Twiggy Forrest, or Clive Palmer against the general public, the Coalition are on the side of the mining magnates everyday, everyday.

Senator Doug Cameron

April 11, 2012

Fairfax to English translation of their article: Carbon tax is ‘unconstitutional’, says tax expert

Sydney Morning Herald: Carbon tax is ‘unconstitutional’, says tax expert
This was the headline of a story run yesterday. Now not everyone is used to speaking this strange new language known as FairFox which is English mixed with Rinehart, so I have translated this story (or the first paragraph, once you have read that, you don’t really need to read any more).

Despite the headline, or the url, the actual title of the page, reading the html source code, is Carbon tax|IPA|Bryan Pape… which translates as, despite what they tell their readers, they know what they are doing. Which is an old News Corpse trick, as long as the information in the story is correct, the headline can be the opposite, because many people don’t read past the headline.

How many people will only read the headline, and walk away believing two things – it is a tax and it is unconstitutional, without questioning who the tax expert is that saying these things. The tax expert, Fairfax points out, further into the story is The University of New England academic and practising barrister, Bryan Pape, has provided legal advice to conservative policy think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs, and here is his bio on the IPA website –

Now to the body of the story…

A PROMINENT Australian legal expert says he believes
This is how the story starts out, translation: ‘prominent‘ means IPA hired gun, ‘legal expert‘ means IPA hired gun and ‘says he believes‘ suggests he is going for a The Castle defence It’s just… the vibe… of the thing. This is the Fairfox variation on the ABC’s default for beginning news stories with the opposition says, we now have news stories starting with IPA says… is there much difference these days anyway?

the Gillard government’s carbon tax is unconstitutional
This is how the first line continues ‘the Gillard government’s carbon tax’ means come election time, they want everyone to remember the name of the government that gave us this supposed tax. I don’t recall the last time any media outlet in this country referred to the Howard government’s GST. ‘carbon tax‘ means let’s not call it by its correct name, of carbon pricing, instead they are trying to cram the word tax into this story as many times as possible (which was 29 times on that page, screen shot below). ‘unconstitutional’ usually refers to any tax the faceless billionaires don’t want to pay (hint: all of them).

and that the three largest states stand a chance
The first line continues with reference to ‘the three largest states’ referring New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, this means someone will have to spend taxpayers money fighting this Federal Government policy, because it sure won’t be IPA, and it won’t be the Liberal Parties that led governments in those states, and it won’t be Nathan Tinkler (NSW), Clive Palmer (QLD) or Gina Rinehart and Twiggy Forrest (WA) – the cost will be borne by the taxpayers in those states, and the legal challenge loses, well there is plenty more money where that came from. ‘stand a chance’ means the IPA aren’t convinced that any court case would be winnable, but they only need to convince the voters and in 18 months we will have a new Abbott-government who will do what IPA tells him.

of successfully overturning the legislation in the event of a High Court challenge
‘in the event of a High Court challenge’ means the IPA is still trying to goad the Liberal premiers of NSW, QLD, WA into paying for a High Court challenge, and even if they don’t they have still muddied the waters in the eyes of the readers – voters. Just because there is a possible legal challenge to anything does not mean the case is winnable, mounting a challenge doesn’t make something unconstitutional, it just means something with money is prepared to spend it on a court case rather than paying that money in tax.

The rest of the article follows on pretty much in the same way, with the exception of the following piece reporting
‘federal Labor now trails the Coalition in every state and territory on both primary votes and on a two-party preferred basis’, when in fact Labor lead the 2PP (two party preferred) in South Australia and are 50-50 with the Coalition in Victoria. So apparently South Australia and Victoria have now been excluded from the Commonwealth, well that is okay, no faceless billionaire mining-magnates are based there.

text by @redglitterx

The word tax appeared 29 times on this page. As Vladimir Lenin said A lie told often enough becomes the truth. Also interesting about this page, the editors pick… Abbott PM, just so the voting public get used to seeing those words together.

March 29, 2012

Wayne Swan: Labor’s about helping those with most need

Wayne Swan, named the World’s Best Finance Minister by Euromoney magazine, who championing a return to the Fair Go, writing in the Telegraph

Labor’s about helping those with most need
Wayne Swan The Daily Telegraph March 28, 2012 12:00AM

WHEN I hear the Liberal Party and billionaires like Clive Palmer complain about the extra retirement savings Australians will now get from the mining boom, it makes me remember why I joined the Labor Party 40 years ago.

As a Labor government, we’re always motivated by fairness and sticking up for those that need help the most. That’s underpinned our decisions despite having to deal with some of the most challenging conditions in our history – from the biggest global economic meltdown in 80 years to the worst natural disasters on record.

For the full article: The Daily Telegraph

text by @redglitterx
additional text via Wayne Swan

March 21, 2012

The Australian Green Movement is Controlled by the CIA

At a press conference yesterday, Clive Palmer stood branding a copy of an environmental report Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom, from Greenpeace and other environmental groups and claimed that is was the work of the CIA.

Video here: CIA threatens Australian coal industry: Palmer (BrisbaneTimes: 20 March 2012)

After mumbling, grumbling something about Bob Brown improperly collaborating with foreign multinationals being treason, I wondered just how his comments would go down with the Murdoch Media, which itself is part of a multinational owned by a foreign billionaire.

image via The Brisbane Times:

text and opinions by @redglitterx

March 21, 2012

Art – Super Wayne, Bob Brown, Clive and Tony

an original cartoon by @jot_au