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June 4, 2012

Right-wing Respect – Christopher Pyne

Yes, I am shocked too, that I could actually type those words. Christopher Pyne (Member for Sturt) did not qualify for “right-wing respect of the week” for being so gazelle-like, or beating Tony Abbott to get away from a vote, nor does that mean we automatically love everything he does, he loses a lot of respect for poking his tongue out to the Speaker Anna Burke (see: here), but apart from all that, respect is for this piece which was published in Fairfax.

Christopher Pyne
While Australians admire the Queen, and I do too, it’s time every Australian had the chance to be Australia’s head of state. We would not tolerate in Australia today one of our elected representatives being excluded from office on the basis of their religion or family, yet we tolerate our head of state being chosen that way.

One day, perhaps when Prince Charles ascends to the throne, it will be time to revisit Australia having an Australian head of state.

Queen Elizabeth is Australia’s head of state. The Governor-General is only her representative. So of course, I am the subject of Queen Elizabeth and one day, unless Australia becomes a republic, we will all be the subjects of King Charles III.

I don’t feel a hereditary monarchy, where our head of state is chosen simply on the basis of the luck of being born into the British royal family, is right for Australia.

While some readers may disagree with this, I feel that it important to occasionally acknowledge the sane things done by people we are ideologically different to.

*Disclaimer: it may not have been Pyne who wrote this, it may have been a staffer, it may have been a misprint, but as it appears in the paper, and for not kowtowing to a foreign head of state, Respect.

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May 10, 2012

Right-wing respect – 3AW’s Neil Mitchell

3AW’s talk-back shock-jock is this weeks Right-wing Respect. Surprising choice, especially for anyone who has ever listened to him. He is also an opinion columnist for the Murdoch paper, the Herald Sun.

Mitchell is also outspoken on the issue of suicide and bullying in the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning) community. Mitchell is described in the Sydney Morning Herald as a passionate gay marriage advocate.

In an interview with the Star Observer Neil Mitchell was quoted as saying: I’ve had the view if you legalised gay marriage, you would save lives tomorrow.

Joining other notable people from the Right-wing in media and politics who support rights for LGBTIQ and marriage equality – Nick Greiner (former NSW premier), David Cameron (UK prime minister), and Bill O’Reilly (USA fox broadcaster).

It just highlights PM Gillards continued refusal to accept marriage equality as even more anachronistic. Thank you Neil Mitchell.

source of quotes: Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Jock shock as Mitchell joins gay FM
Star Observer: ‘Legalise gay marriage and save lives: Mitchell

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April 3, 2012

Right-wing Respect – Nick Greiner, David Cameron, Bill O’Reilly (and the surprising reasons why)

Yes, you read that correct. The respect is going out for standing up for gender rights, transgender rights, and gay rights. Meanwhile, PM Gillard refuses to change her stance in opposing marriage equality.

Nick Greiner
former NSW Liberal premier, taking about marriage equality
Self-evidently [it is] a matter of natural justice. It in no way stops religions or individuals acting in accord with their conscientious views… Also [it is] not a left-right issue. Support for the proposal is consistent with conservative support for marriage and for stable long-term relationships as well as individual freedom.
source: Sydney Morning Herald: Greiner dismisses same-sex marriage concerns

David Cameron
UK conservative prime minister has said I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative. I support gay marriage because I am a Conservative.
source: The Guardian: David Cameron calls for Britain ‘to show some fight’

Bill O’Reilly
Really right wing USAmerican political commentator, though he calls himself independent, and occasionally comes out with some surprising opinions, here are two of them

On Fox News, this week, O’Reilly came out in support of a transgender Miss Universe Canada entrant who had been disqualified
What right does the Miss Universe pageant have to violate this lady’s right to be a woman? They are basically saying because you weren’t born a woman you don’t have a right to be a woman..[it] doesn’t sound right to me.
source: Huffpo: Jenna Talackova, Transgender Miss Universe Canada Finalist, Defended By Bill O’Reilly

O’Reilly also previously defended Ellen DeGeneres being hired by JC Penney as a spokesmodel, which upset some right-wing conservatives because Ellen is lesbian, O’Reilly compared critics of JC Penney and Ellen to the communist hunter McCarthy

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additional text by Nick Greiner, David Cameron, Bill O’Reilly
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March 19, 2012

Right-wing Respect – Malcolm Turnbull

Condolences on the death of Margaret Whitlam
by Malcolm Turnbull MP

This condolence was both respectful and gracious. It was a non-political tribute to a much-loved woman who had contributed enormously to Australian culture, not just for women, but for all Australians. Mr Turnbull knows that Margaret Whitlam was more than just the wife of a Prime Minister.

Compare this with Tony Abbott’s comment:

There was a lot wrong with the Whitlam government but nevertheless it was a very significant episode in our history and Margaret Whitlam was a very significant element in the political success of Gough Whitlam.

Quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald: 17 March 2012

text by: redglitterx
with additional text from Tony Abbott